14 Christmas Garden Ideas For Festive Outdoor Decoration

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As winter sets in (and I finally cave and turn my heating on), I thought I’d share some Christmas garden ideas here on the blog. Whether you’re prepared to splash out on a classy Christmas, looking for fun festive decor on a budget, or aiming for rustic, DIY decorations for your garden, hopefully I’ve found some things you’ll like!

I love talking to people about when they feel it’s acceptable to put Christmas decorations up. For some, it’s as soon as Halloween is over. Others seem to leave it until the last possible moment (I’ve actually bought a Christmas tree for my Dad on Christmas Eve – talk about cutting it close!) Personally, I tend to start decorating on whatever weekend is closest to Dec 1st.

One thing I’m always happy to see is the garden decorations around where my family lives. There are a few streets where the wreaths, lights and ribbons are just so refined and beautiful, they could have fallen straight out of a catalogue. Then there are areas where neighbours seem to be competing against each other for the brightest, tackiest festive displays (somewhat controversially, I love both styles equally!)

Christmas Garden Ideas

Front Door Decorations

Even if most of your decorating energy is spent on the inside of your home, you can’t ignore your garden completely . Decorating your front door is the simplest place to start.

1. Festive Front Door Signage

We’ve got a whole section on classic wreaths that you can make yourself coming up – but what if you want something more unusual? This “NOEL” sign from abeautifulmess.com fits in perfectly with cheerful, quirky Christmas decoration schemes. Choose colours that match your front door and other festive decor, and take a look at the guide here.

2. Christmas Door Bows

Look, I LOVE door ribbons but, to be blunt, they can look a bit silly. It really helps if you live in a period property that already looks beautiful enough to adorn a greetings card. Whether you agree with me or not, the rules for door ribbons seem to be: go big or go home, keep your colours simple, make sure the rest of your Christmas garden ideas are just as stunning.

3. Hurricane Lantern Displays

For some rain-resistant decor, pick up a couple of large hurricane lanterns (or relocate ones you already have in your back garden), and fill them with inexpensive festive ornaments, like this. Jennifer at dimplesandtangles.com seems to include lanterns in her Christmas garden ideas every year, so take a look at her annual posts for more tips.

4. Vertical Door Garlands

If you prefer your Christmas decorations to feel sleek and contemporary, but still enjoy how welcoming a leafy garland looks, try hanging one vertically. This white and green garland looks festive and modern as it climbs the doorway.

Christmas Garden Lights

Illuminating your garden is an essential part of decorating the outside of your home for Christmas. I’ll be honest, there aren’t many fresh ideas you won’t have probably seen somewhere before, but these are my favourite Christmas garden ideas for lighting I’ve seen recently.

5. Outdoor Christmas Trees

I’ve checked, and there are absolutely no rules saying that you’re only allowed one Christmas tree. So, how about adding a couple to your garden? Take this gorgeous trio of trees for example, from frenchcountrycottage.net. Potted trees are easy to reposition once the season is over, and you only need simple decor (like lights) to create your festive feel.

6. Icicle Meteor Lights

Okay, so I’ve seen these lights a few times but have only just learned what they’re called! “Meteor lights” are the upgraded version of light-up icicles, and look even more stunning. Perfect for decorating your roofline or hanging through a tree – if you’re not sure what I’m talking about, click on the link in the caption to watch the video!

7. Giant Holiday Stars

Hanging lights in your garden trees is pretty standard fare in the UK now. If you’re looking to up the ante, try these fairly easy DIY stars, wrapped in outdoor fairy lights, to string up in the branches (or on the outside of your home) to show your passers by that you’re serious about the holidays. Check out the full project details over at dukemanorfarm.com.

Christmas Garden Ideas: DIY Wreaths

A festive wreath is one of my favourite Christmas decorations, and I love seeing them on doors, windows and gates. Classic designs made from pine branches look beautiful, but I also appreciate more quirky and creative designs that fit with modern decoration schemes. Here are a few unusual wreath designs you can DIY at home to decorate your garden or give as gifts.

8. Simple Snowball Wreath

This simple wreath looks just like snowballs, decorated with a festive red bow. It’s really simple to make, and a good starter project for anyone who isn’t sure about their crafting ability. Take a look at the instructions at daisymaebelle.com

9. Rustic Burlap Wreath

I love how burlap material featured on our list of Halloween garden ideas as a “spooky” fabric… and is now making an appearance in a rustic wreath! Somehow this beautiful ruffled garland looks inviting and wintery – although I think it would look even better with a hint of glitter and a few red baubles. You’ll need a wire wreath frame to make this one, as well as a long ribbon of burlap – weaving instructions are over at stonegableblog.com.

10. Gift Wrap Bow Wreath

I can’t be the only one that buys these bows in bulk and then barely uses any on presents, right? If you’ve wondered whether there’s a different way to enjoy these bows, the answer is yes. Start with a styrofoam wreath and attach a loop of wire or string to hang it from. Choose bows in three or four colours for a fun colour scheme, and then stick them down using a glue gun.

11. Fresh Sage Wreath

Yep, you’re reading that correctly – this wreath is made from actual sage sprigs. Attach the stems and leaves to a styrofoam ring using floral arranging pins, making sure to add a wide ribbon for hanging it up. Not only will it smell amazing, but the sage will gradually dry out so, theoretically, you can take a leaf or two and crumble it up in your cooking over winter. More tips at thishealthytable.com.

12. Square Stick Wreath

Who says wreaths have to be round? This minimalist door decoration looks all the more quirky thanks to its square shape and contrasting colours. The guide to making the autumn version can be found at tarynwhiteaker.com – simply spray it white and swap the “fall” garland for baubles in your colour scheme.

Christmas Garden Ideas: Lawn & Patio Decorations

Don’t forget to add some festive elements to your back garden too! It’s not always about competing with the rest of your street – get some festive feeling going on your patio and lawn. It’ll make it so much nicer when you nip out for a hot chocolate or mulled wine.

13. Hang Baubles from the Pergola

If you have a garden structure like a gazebo or pergola, why not dress it up for Christmas? Chances are, if you spend any time outside over winter, it’ll be under a bit of cover! The blog at themiddlesizedgarden.co.uk have some great Christmas garden ideas, but hanging baubles from the branches overhanging a pergola is by far my favourite.

14. Rustic String of Lights

Long garlands are a great way to decorate a lot of space quickly and easily. This string of traditional coloured Christmas bulbs won’t light up, but they’re still very pretty. Using twine to wrap them together and a glue gun to attach artificial winter flora, you can make a gorgeous garland for indoors or outdoors. For a step-by-step guide with pictures, take a look at thehappyhousie.porch.com.


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