When to Seed a Lawn: Best Time to Sow Grass Seeds in UK

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Thinking of creating a new lawn or touching up the old patchy one? If so, you’re probably wondering when to seed a lawn. 

Seeding a lawn is quite simple and can be done from around mid-March to late October. There are a few factors that will influence this timeline, however. Basically, a lawn needs five things to grow: An even distribution of seeds, warmth, moisture, light and good contact with the soil. Provide all that and you’re good to go. 

best Time to Sow Grass Seeds

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Let’s take a closer look at the best time to seed lawns. 

When can you seed a lawn?

You can start seeding your lawn as soon as the soil has warmed up enough to work with. The best month to start sowing grass seeds is March. In early March, the soil might still be a bit frozen, but around mid-March, the soil temperature should be around 6-8°C and getting warmer. This is sufficient for seed germination. 

If you’re not sure how to measure soil temperature, take note of the air temperature instead. When it’s around 10°C outside, the soil temperature should be around 6-8°C.

You can sow grass seeds through summer until late October, but only if you’re prepared to care for the grass during the dry season. In November we usually start seeing some frost which might kill your newly sprouted grass. You can sow into November, however, if the weather allows. 

When is the best time to seed your lawn?

best time to seed your lawn

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You can start seeding in March, but a little patience will work in your favour. The best time of year to seed your lawn is in September. The reason is that it’s after the dry season and any weeds will have already made their appearance. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of seeding a lawn each season:

Sowing lawn seed in spring: pros & cons

If you just can’t wait to get started, you can start sowing grass seeds from around mid-March. There are a few challenges waiting for you if you start to seed in spring, however. 



Sowing lawn seed in summer: pros & cons

It’s possible to sow grass seed in the summer months, but it’s not recommended for those who live in areas with frequent droughts or hosepipe bans. Seeds and seedlings need a lot of moisture to germinate and grow. If left without water for even just a day, you’ll need to reseed once autumn comes around. 



Sowing lawn seed in autumn: pros & cons

Sowing lawn seed in autumn: pros & cons

The best time of year to sow grass seed is in September. During this month there’s still plenty of light, the soil is warm and most weeds have run their course. 



Lawn seeding tips

lawn seeding tips

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Whether you’re a seasoned lawn seeder or a first-time grass grower, take a look at our top tips:

Get to know the soil in your garden 

Knowing what kind of soil you have will make it easier to choose the best grass species for your garden. If you plant the wrong grass, you’ll have very poor germination rates. The best way to determine your soil type is to inspect it and test the pH to figure out what you’re dealing with.  Read our article about different soil types for more information.

Don’t skip any soil preparation or planting steps

There’s a reason for every single step. Soil preparation is key to reducing the number of weeds you’ll need to deal with, fertilising the soil and loosening it for easier germination and root penetration.

Grass seeds don’t need to be buried, simply scatter them around the area and keep the soil moist. Make sure to not place too many in one area since they’ll need to compete with each other for resources and will grow more slowly as a result. 

Know what you’re getting in a bag of grass seeds

Not every bag of grass seeds is the same. Make sure you get a type of grass that will do well in the soil you have and one that’s suited to the aspect of the garden and your needs. You might need to buy grass seed for shady areas or choose a type of grass that’s more hardwearing.

Don’t skip any autumn lawn care procedures

Lawn care will help your newly grown lawn to survive winter. Make sure to study up on autumn lawn care and do as many of the steps as possible. 

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There’s really no “wrong” time to sow lawn seed

Do you feel more confident in your timing for seeding the lawn? Don’t worry, you can’t get it wrong. When to sow lawn seed isn’t that important since the seeds grow almost all year round, some seasons just work better than others. Hang in there, your perfect lawn is coming. 

Happy lawn seeding!

When to seed a lawn best time to sow grass seeds in uk

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