10 Outdoor Pizza Oven Stand Ideas for Delicious Garden Pizza

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If cooking outdoors is one of your favourite activities, the addition of an outdoor pizza oven is the logical next step. These stunning ovens are most popular for making, you guessed it, pizzas but they can also be used to make bread, grill vegetables or meat or even make other popular oven dishes usually reserved for indoor cooking. 

pizza oven area ideas

Photo by Kajetan Sumila on Unsplash

To get one of these beauties for yourself, you might want to hire a contractor to build it for you, build it yourself (if you’re brave and have enough time), or you could even buy a premade oven to install. If you do choose to do it yourself, I can promise that it will be worth all the effort when you can enjoy the fruits of your labour with family and friends. 

To get you started, let’s take a look at some brilliant pizza oven area ideas. 

1. Go traditional

If you have the space, I would highly recommend building a traditional brick design pizza oven right next to your outdoor barbecue. Brick pizza ovens will give you that wonderful authentic wood-fired Neapolitan pizza taste with a slightly charred edge like you get at restaurants. 

These ovens are not for the faint of heart, however. You will need to light your fire hours in advance to ensure your oven is hot enough at cooking time, but once heated up, it will stay hot for hours. This makes it an excellent choice for large families and gatherings. 

authentic outdoor pizza oven

Build an authentic outdoor pizza oven. Image credit: @thegreeneyedgirl_

2. Get a ready-made outdoor pizza oven stand

If your garden or patio area is on the smaller side, you might not have the space for a large permanent structure. In this case, it might be best to go with a ready-made outdoor pizza oven stand. If you still want that authentic pizza taste, a compact wood-fired or dual-fuel pizza oven will be the best choice for you. 

Portable pizza ovens are also smaller than traditional ovens which means they heat up much faster. Place your pizza oven stand whereever you need it. There’s no need to confine yourself to one spot.

ready-made outdoor pizza oven stand

Image credit: @ciaobellapizzaovens

3. Go for the tabletop version

If you have a very small outdoor space, or simply want to include an outdoor pizza oven in your existing outdoor kitchen, consider getting a tabletop pizza oven. These handy little ovens heat up quickly and can be powered with gas which makes the whole process even simpler. 

They are also very easy to move around if you decide to make food somewhere else. The small size also makes them excellent choices for those with limited space. 

tabletop pizza ovens

Small and perfectly formed, tabletop pizza ovens are perfect for compact areas. Image credit: @redpines_renovation

4. Get a pizza oven trolley

If you have the space to store it, consider a pizza oven trolley. These portable ovens are very handy if outdoor space is tight as they can easily be wheeled to where you want them and rolled out of the way when you need more space. 

You can also handily store your wood and other accessories underneath the oven inside the trolley.  

10 Outdoor Pizza Oven Stand Ideas for Delicious Garden Pizza 1

Go mobile with a portable pizza oven. Image credit: Wayfair

5. Build a brick pizza oven stand

Here’s a permanent solution for your outdoor pizza oven. Build it a brick stand. You can store your wood or other accessories below the oven inside the brick stand while your oven rests on top. If you like, you can modify this stand to double as a barbecue area as well. 

This is a permanent structure, so make sure you have enough space. 

brick pizza oven stand

Image credit: @outdoordesignerstore

6. Make your own DIY pizza oven stand

Why be limited to what you can find online or in shops? If you have lots of creativity and a bit of extra time, why not make your own special pizza oven stand? You can either create a permanent structure or make something movable to place your new pizza oven on. The possibilities are endless.

If you need a few ideas, try going through some DIY pizza oven stand pictures on the internet, or start drawing your own. Just make sure it’s sturdy enough to support the weight of your oven. You don’t want to deal with some serious burns.

DIY pizza oven stand

Rustle up a pizza stand from leftovers. Image credit: @arondown

7. Build your pizza oven into a wall

Do you have a barbeque area already built into an existing wall? Why not add a pizza oven as well? When your pizza oven is built into the wall, it is completely out of the way. Bonus, it’s also super isolated by all the brick or rocks around it!

If you don’t have an existing structure to build your pizza oven into, you can always create one. Remember that this structure is permanent so make extra sure you’re happy with the area.

outdoor pizza oven wall

Build an outdoor pizza oven wall. Image credit: @betterbuildlandscapes

8. Turn your garage into a pizza bar

If you have a bit of extra space in your garage, and your garage faces onto your garden, you can turn it into an amazing outdoor kitchen area. Simply install some tables, or create a bar to place your pizza oven on, and you’re ready to go.

The plus of using your garage is this: you don’t need to worry about making a mess, and you’ll be able to use the area during the worst weather conditions. Take care to allow plenty of ventilation if using a pizza oven in the garage, keep the door open and keep the oven well away from any flammable materials.

pizza shack garage

Convert the garage into a pizza shack. Image credit: @glencoeinn

9. Use a garden shed as an outdoor kitchen

If you have a large garden, you could also opt to use a garden shed or garden room as an outdoor kitchen. There are many incredible garden rooms available on the market. These rooms are multifunctional, which means you can have a stunning outdoor kitchen, an office, or even a bedroom all in one. Simply change the decor to suit your needs.

Take a look at our inspiring garden kitchen areas article for more tips and ideas.

pizza oven area under gazebo

House your pizza oven in a shed or under a gazebo for year-round use. Image credit: @amigo_ovens

10. Use your barbecue as a pizza oven stand

If you have an existing barbeque stand or trolley, you can double up and use your barbeque as a pizza stand. Simply place the pizza oven on the grill and you’re ready to go.

barbecue with bar area

Image credit: @gazeburvill

If you want to do this, you will need a pizza oven with a rectangular or square shape. That way, it will fit quite comfortably on your existing barbecue. This technique is ideal for saving space in a very small back garden and it still looks great!

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Final thoughts

Now that you have a few ideas for your new pizza oven, it’s time to get baking. Keep in mind that these little ovens are good for much more than just making pizza. You can bake bread, grill, and even smoke food in there. 

Let us know in the comments below where you placed your new pizza oven. Maybe you can add an idea or two. 

Happy cooking!


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