How to Make a Hanging Plant Pot Holder

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If your windowsills are packed to the brim with young seedlings or you’ve got one houseplant too many, a hanging plant pot holder could be the answer to your plant storage problems.

Read on for 7 ways to create stylish hanging plant pot holders to display your gorgeous plants.

1. Macramé plant hanger

macrame plant hanger

Image credit: @craftylifechoices

Macramé is a method of tying knots using string, jute, wool or strings of natural vegetation, which can be used to create a support for plants.

If you are new to macramé, you can start with the simplest knotting technique and as your technique improves, you can try more difficult patterns. This tutorial shows how to make a simple knotted pot holder using 3 strings. If your plant is heavier, you can use 4 strings.

To make a macrame plant hanger you will need string, an empty plant pot and a hook to hang the finished pot holder from.

macrame hanging plant pot holder

Image credit: @foliageandflotsam

If you enjoy macramé, here is a great link for making a diamond macramé pot hanger.  You can also use this technique to make gorgeous wall hangings.

2. Crocheted plant hanger

crocheted plant hanger

Image credit: @misscraftmad

Crochet uses a hook to loop wool or string around the needle to create textiles. If you are new to the craft, check out the beginner’s videos here.

To make a crocheted plant pot holder, you’ll need to measure your plant pot to determine the diameter of the base and also think about the length of the strings.

You will need: wool or string, a crochet hook, an empty plant pot and a hook to hang the finished pot holder from.

3. Knitted plant hanger

knitted plant hanger

Image credit: @delectablegardenshop

Along with scarves and jumpers, you can also knit flower pot holders and, if you use a recycled waterproof pot or jar, then it can survive well. You can use any scrap wool (or string) and if you are an accomplished knitter, you can design your own pattern. If you are completely new to knitting, Ryan’s guide is foolproof!

To knit a plant pot you will need: wool, 2 knitting needles and a hook to hang the pot holder.

4. Wire plant pot holder

Hooks made of metal can be used as support to create a pot holder using chicken wire, craft or copper wire.

You will need: wire leftover from a craft project, or chicken wire and something to cut it with, such as scissors or wire cutters. You also need the plant pot and the hook to hang the pot holder from.

The wire can be used as a structure for modelling to add natural fillings such as straw or moss. Both of these will retain moisture for the plant you place inside. Use the same method as for making a string pot holder using macramé and use the wire instead of the string.

5. Plastic bottle plant holder

plastic bottle plant holder

Image credit: @diywithkanchan

Re-purpose old plastic bottles and turn them into stylish, hanging plant pots.

You will need old plastic bottles, a soldering gun to make holes and some string or wire to support the bottles (or you can combine this idea with inner tyre tubes, see more below).

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6. Wine cooler plant holder

A metal wine cooler can be adapted to hold a plant using strong rope or twine. The metallic finish goes well with green foliage or brightly coloured flowers.

You will need: a Champagne cooler, some thick rope cut into 4 equal lengths, some extra pieces to make the base, some thinner string to add decorative touches, a glue gun and a strong hook to hang the pot holder from. This heavy type of plant pot holder is best supported using a hook fitting connected to a solid surface like a wall or shed.

7. Bicycle inner tube plant pot holder

Bicycle inner tubes can be utilised in many ways. Patched tubes are usually just chucked away, however, they’re flexible and strong and could be used to make a quirky plant pot holder. Save the tubes until you have a few to work with, at least three is recommended.

You will need 3 inner tubes, gloves and a hook to hang your inner tube plant hanger from.

Tina’s Tips

  1. A wire flower pot holder can double up as a straw-filled Easter nest for egg hunting! Fill the wire with straw or shredded paper and place chocolate eggs inside.
  2. Try using a range of different materials to create hanging planters, from coconut shells and birdcages to tin cans and old solar lights.
hanging plant pot holder

Image credit: @hilda.planty

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