How to Hang Gazebo Curtains Without Drilling

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So you’ve got the gazebo of your dreams and can’t wait to while away long, summer days and evenings outside.  Whether you want to create more privacy, add shade or warmth, keep pesky insects at bay or just like the look of gazebo curtains, they are a great investment.  Wondering how on earth to attach them to your gazebo?  Let’s find out!

Types of gazebo curtains

Before you hang curtains on your gazebo, you’ll need to decide on the type of curtains you need.  You can buy ready-made, weather-resistant curtains that can be left out all year round, pretty voiles, practical mosquito nets, or you can make your own.  Whatever your style, there’s a curtain for you:

Solid fabric curtains

Made from tough, mildew and water-resistant fabric, solid fabric curtains are the toughest choice for your gazebo.  They can handle being left out all year-round and are resistant to damage from UV rays.  You can choose a selection of colours and buy curtains in custom sizes.  These curtains are a great choice if you need privacy and warmth, perfect for a hot tub gazebo or an evening dinner party.

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Solid fabric curtains are ideal for shade and privacy. Image credit: Amazon

Mosquito Net Curtains

There’s nothing quite like the buzz of a mosquito or wasp to stop you from enjoying your relaxing gazebo time.  Fortunately, you can buy ready-made mosquito screens which can be hung along gazebo curtain poles (see below for details on how to fix these).  Some mosquito nets are fully enclosed, with a zipped entrance and the whole thing attaches to the gazebo ceiling using hook and loop fastenings.

How to Hang Gazebo Curtains Without Drilling 2

Mosquito net curtains can look stunning. Image credit: Mosquito Curtains

Sheer fabric panels

It’s hard to beat the beauty and elegance of sheer, light fabric panels.  Often used to decorate wedding gazebos, these soften the look of the gazebo and can provide light shade and protection from insects.  These are the easiest curtains to make yourself and, although not suitable for use all year round, they’re easy to attach, remove and wash.

How to Hang Gazebo Curtains Without Drilling 3

Sheer panels add an elegant, romantic touch to a gazebo. Image credit: Shutterstock

How to Hang Gazebo Curtains

Curtain pole 

If you’ve got a wooden gazebo, attaching curtains is super simple. You’ll need a weatherproof curtain pole and fixings for each side that you want to hang the curtains on.  Take care to use fixings that won’t rust.

If you fancy a more rustic look, you can fashion a pole from bamboo canes and cup hooks.  This is ideal for lighter, voile, linen or cotton curtains and you can store the curtains and the canes during winter.

How to Hang Gazebo Curtains Without Drilling 4

Curtain poles are an easy way to hang curtains on your gazebo. Image credit: Coverstore

How to Put Up Net Curtains Without Drilling

If your gazebo is metal, or you don’t want to drill holes into your wooden gazebo, there are solutions that don’t require leaving holes in your gazebo.

No drill tension rod

Inexpensive and incredibly quick and easy to fix, you can also quickly reposition your curtains. Make sure to thread the curtains onto the rod before you fit it to the sides of your gazebo. This option may not be the most effective if your curtains are heavy, but for a quick fix, it’s hard to beat.

Hook and loop tape

Another method that doesn’t involve drilling, hook and loop tape is a great solution for adding curtains to pop-up and metal gazebos.

To attach your curtain:

Hang curtains with hooks

Another effective way to hang curtains on your gazebo is to suspend a curtain pole from the top struts using over-door hooks.  This is ideal if you don’t want to hang curtains permanently or just wish to hang curtains for a special event.

How to Hang Gazebo Curtains Without Drilling 5

Use removable hooks to suspend a curtain pole. Image credit: Pinterest

As with the tension pole, if your curtains are very heavy or will be opened and closed frequently, you may prefer a sturdier fixing.  You’ll also need to choose a pole that has a wider end or add rubber bands to the pole ends to stop it from sliding off.

Adding curtains to your gazebo offers many benefits and is really simple to do.  With a wide choice of fabrics and fixings to choose from, hanging curtains is a great way to add colour and texture to your outdoor space while keeping insect intruders and unwanted elements out.


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  1. richard d ferraro
    July 26, 2022 at 1:25 pm

    my gazebo was made to hang one netting and one curtain sepretly is there a way to hang both at the same time

    • Mike L
      January 24, 2023 at 10:21 am

      Hi Richard,

      Yes, it is possible to hang both netting and curtains on your gazebo at the same time. One option would be to use curtain rods or hooks to hang the netting and curtains separately. Another option would be to use a combination of hooks and clips to attach both the netting and curtains to the gazebo frame. You can also use grommets or ring clips to attach the netting and curtains to the gazebo frame at the same time. It’s important to note that this will depend on the design of your gazebo and the materials of the netting and curtains. It might be a good idea to consult the gazebo’s manual or the manufacturer’s website for specific instructions or recommendations.


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