How to Attach a Mosquito Net to a Gazebo

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Trying to enjoy your time in the garden only to have to swat off mosquitos attacking from all sides? It’s about time you put a net on your gazebo.

Wondering how to attach a mosquito net to a gazebo? Whether your gazebo came with a net or you have to buy a net separately, the tips below should have you covered.

how to attach mosquito net to gazebo

Your gazebo is for your enjoyment only, not the mosquitos! Credit: Shutterstock

How to attach netting to a gazebo

How much work are you willing to put in? If you’re the DIY sort of person and have all sorts of tools in your shed, you can save money by making your own mosquito curtains.

But you can also solve your mosquito problem by using a net that can be attached quickly with velcro. Here are 3 ways to transform your gazebo into a safe mosquito-free space.

1. Use mosquito nets with pre-placed loops

For this, you’ll need a regular mosquito net with pre-placed loops. If your gazebo didn’t come with one, you can buy one online.

Here’s how you install it.

Step 1 – Measure the gazebo

Before rushing to buy the net, you need to know how much of it you need. Measure one side for height and width and multiply by as many sides as your gazebo has. Now you’re ready to order.

Step 2 – Place hooks

You need to insert screw hooks along the edge of the canopy at intervals corresponding to the distance between the loops.

Place the hooks approximately 2 inches above the bottom edge of the roof. Make sure there are no gaps mosquitos can use to squeeze in.

Step 3 – Put the net up

Hang the loops on the hooks. That’s about it—you can now enjoy some peace and quiet in your gazebo.

2. Use mosquito curtains

The term curtain doesn’t refer to the net itself but to the way you hang it. To make your own mosquito curtains, you can buy any sort of fine net provided it’s strong enough to insert hooks in the fabric. You’ll also need to fix some curtain tracking to the gazebo.

Step 1 – Measure the gazebo

Measure the width and length of the gazebo for the sides that need netting.

Step 2 – Drill holes

Study the roof of the gazebo and decide where the curtain tracking should go. Drill holes at regular intervals. You don’t need a lot of them as a mosquito net is quite light.

Alternatively, you can use glue to fix the tracking in place.

Step 3 – Put the tracking up

Attach the curtain tracking to the ceiling by screwing or glueing it in place.

Step 4 – Hang the curtain

Add curtain hooks to the net and hang the net all around the gazebo. That’s it!

3. Hang a mosquito net using hook-and-loop tape

This method has nothing to do with the hooks and loops described above. The hook-and-loop tape is actually a sort of velcro tape. Here’s how you install it:

Step 1 – Put tape on the ceiling

Have a look at the gazebo ceiling and decide where the net should go. Simply stick tape along the edges of the ceiling.

Step 2 – Measure and cut

Measure each side of the gazebo and cut the tape pieces that you need for each side. Allow one extra inch for each piece of tape, you can always cut to fit if it’s slightly long, much easier than adding extra tape!

Step 3 – Apply tape to the net

Apply strips of hook-and-loop tape along the top edge of each net and stick it in place.

Tip: If you’re afraid the velcro tape won’t stay in place, you can staple it to the net.

How to put netting on a 3x3m gazebo

man sleeping under a mosquito net

Having a net under your gazebo is a must if you don’t like sharing your summer nights with biting insects. Credit: Shutterstock

A 3×3 gazebo is the most common size. If you have one in your garden, putting up a mosquito net is as easy as pie. You can skip all the measuring and cutting by buying a ready-made net, available in DIY stores or online.

The net is made of a fine mesh that mosquitoes cannot penetrate and it’s generally available in white or black. It comes with the velcro tape we already mentioned and often has zippers–fasten them and you’ll be perfectly safe inside.

If you have any trouble attaching the net, use the instructions for the hook-and-loop tape above.

How to attach mosquito net to a gazebo before the mosquitos get you

In a hurry? And not much of a DIY person either? The easiest way to make your gazebo mosquito-proof is to use hook-and-loop tape that can easily be attached to the ceiling of your gazebo.

If your gazebo is not the standard 3×3 type, you can buy two or more ready-made velcro tape nets and close them together.

This type of net is the perfect solution if you want to get the job done quickly as it doesn’t consist of four pieces corresponding to the four sides of the gazebo. It’s just one piece with two zippered openings on opposite sides.

So you can go in as fast as you can, pull the zippers, and spend a pleasant evening in your mosquito-free gazebo.

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