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how to attach mosquito net to gazebo
How to Attach a Mosquito Net to a Gazebo

Mosquitos enjoying themselves under your gazebo is annoying at least. Here are three ways to transform your gazebo into a safe mosquito-free space.

6 Ways to Keep Spiders Off Garden Furniture and Patios 1
6 Ways to Keep Spiders Off Garden Furniture and Patios

For most of us, spiders give us the creeps. If that sounds like you, read on to find out how to make your garden time a more relaxing, spider-free experience. 

a cluster of aphids eating a leaf
Tips for Getting Rid of Aphids

An aphid population can destroy gardens, houseplants and vegetable patches. Read these tips for getting rid of aphids to save your plants!

a brown snail on the edge of a plant pot
7 Natural Ways To Keep Snails Out Of Your Garden

Sick of slugs and snails? Try these natural, chemical-free ways to keep snails out of your garden and off your crops and flowers.

marigolds are beautiful flowers and are one of the plants which repel mosquitoes
Which Plants Repel Mosquitoes?

Are you done with DEET and sick of citronella? If you’re wondering which plants repel mosquitoes, we’ve got the answers for you!

A ladybird insect on white cow parsley
Common Garden Insects in the UK: Good and Bad Bugs

Let’s take a look at how your garden maintenance can interact with insects, and how to balance the good and bad bugs in your little slice of nature.

garden bug hotel ideas - a small insect hotel with a little hotel sign on the side
19 DIY Bug Hotel Ideas for a Healthy Garden Eco-System

Encouraging friendly species like bees, ladybirds, and beetles not only helps to pollinate your flowers, but can actually help you control the numbers of pesky plant-eaters.