6 Ways To Anchor A Gazebo Without Drilling

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If you need to tie down your gazebo on a solid cement surface, you might be scratching your head. There is no way to use your pegs as you would on grass and drilling is certainly not always an option. Fortunately, there are several ways to anchor a gazebo without drilling. Let’s take a look.

How To Anchor A Gazebo Without Drilling

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How To Anchor A Gazebo Without Drilling Into Concrete

If you want to place your gazebo on concrete or pavers, you will need to secure it properly. Gazeboes can be very dangerous to pets, people and property if left unsecured in windy conditions. To avoid any injuries or damage to property, do the following to secure your gazebo properly without drilling:

1. Use sandbags

Sandbags are very handy for tying down a gazebo. You can get special wrap-around pouches for this purpose or you can simply make your own.

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If you’re making your own sandbags, you’ll need to use very heavy-duty plastic bags. Fill the bags with enough sand to hold down all four feet of the gazebo but leave enough space so that you can fold down the top of the bag and tape it shut. Once filled, use duct tape to seal the bags then place them into hessian or laundry sacks which you can close with a zip tie. Use some rope to secure the sandbags to the feet if you’re not using the commercial kind, otherwise, just use the velcro or rope supplied.

2. Tie the gazebo to surrounding objects

If you don’t have any sandbags on hand, you can also tie the gazebo to surrounding objects. If there’s a tree, fence, or window nearby, you can simply use the supplied ropes to tie your gazebo to these structures. You can also use your vehicle as an anchor if required, just make sure the gazebo won’t damage it.

3. Use furniture to secure it

It is also possible to tie your gazebo to heavy furniture like benches. By doing this, the weight of the furniture combined with the weight of any people or other objects on it should sufficiently hold down your gazebo.

4. Use gym weights

Your gym weights can also be used for more than just building some muscle. You can use your gym weights to hold your gazebo to the ground just like a sandbag would. If you have enough weight to go around, you shouldn’t have any problems.

5. Large plant pots

If you’d like to go for a more aesthetic approach, you can use giant plant pots to tie your gazebo too. The plants will look great while still holding your gazebo in place. This is a great choice for weddings and other outdoor events.

6. Buy special gazebo weights

You can buy special gazebo weights that clip onto the legs of your gazebo.

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These weights are stackable which allows you to add more weight as required. You can buy these weights from any outdoor store that sells gazebos or secure a great deal online.


Can you anchor a gazebo to the ground?

Yes. A gazebo comes with attachments specifically designed to anchor it to the ground. If you’ll be using it on a surface like concrete, you might need to invest in weights to hold down and safely secure your gazebo.

Will grass die under a gazebo?

Yes and no. If the grass under the gazebo is properly cared for, chances are you can keep it alive. If not, the grass will die due to lack of direct sunlight or smothering if you use a ground cover.

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How do you secure a gazebo on soil?

A gazebo comes with special attachments specifically designed to secure your gazebo on grass or soil. These attachments usually include ropes and several tent pegs.


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