Best Zero Turn Mowers for Most Efficient Grass Cutting UK 2023

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If you have a large garden with many obstacles, such as trees and flower beds, a zero-turn mower is ideal.  Zero-turn mowers allow you to move quickly around landscaping and other lawn obstacles while delivering a clean cut.

The advantage of a zero-turn mower is that it can rotate its drive wheels in opposite directions simultaneously, allowing it to turn without moving forward, allowing for quick sharp turns.

A zero-turn mower can manoeuvre around obstacles without the repeated backup and redirecting of a traditional ride on mower.

When choosing a zero turn mower, you’ll need to consider several factors such as the size of your lawn and whether you want a battery or petrol-powered unit. Your budget will be an essential factor in your final decision.

Top Zero Turn Riding Mowers

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Best Zero Turn Mower to Buy in 2023

best zero turn mowers uk

Here are our eight best zero-turn, ride on mowers to help you choose the best model for your needs:

Feider FRT 12565 ZT Zero-Turn Ride-On Mower

Best for Uneven Ground
Feider FRT 12565 ZT Zero-Turn Ride-On Mower
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The Feider FRT- 12565ZT is well-suited for use on rolling lawns because the robust steel cutter deck has an anti-scalp wheel that supports the deck and prevents it from digging in and damaging the property while moving over uneven ground.

As a zero-turn mower, the two lever-controlled hydrostatic drives enable you to make sharp turns, manoeuvre around obstacles quickly and efficiently and cut in areas that conventional ride-on mowers can’t reach.

Powered by a high-performance 20hp/656c Briggs & Stratton V-Twin overhead-valve engine, the FRT-12565ZT has a maximum forward speed of 10mph and can reverse at speeds up to 6mph.

A 127cm three-blade cutter deck can be adjusted to cut at eight different height positions from 40mm to 130mm and, combined with a forward speed of 10mph, can easily mow expansive lawns of 10,000 square metres.

This zero-turn mower is a side-discharge mower. A mulching kit can be included as an additional option.



Stiga Gyro 500e ’Drive-by-Wire Electric Battery-Powered Axial Ride-On Lawnmower

Best Electric Ride-On Mower
Stiga Gyro 500e ’Drive-by-Wire Electric Battery-Powered Axial Ride-On Lawnmower
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The Stiga Gyro 500e is battery-powered with a unique E-motion joystick that gives you a 360-degree turning radius, making cutting around trees and garden beds easy and efficient.

With a cutting width of 98cm, the deck can be adjusted to eight cutting heights from 25mm to 105mm using a lightweight central lever.

Blade speed can be adjusted to three different settings: Eco for soft grass conditions and mulching; Standard for your average mow of grass up to 2.5cm high and Boost for thick taller grass.

A 40 Ah Lithium-ion battery and side-discharge cutting deck allow the Gyro 500e to mow up to 5000 square metres on one charge. The fast charger will fully recharge the battery in 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Although the Gyro 500e has a low centre of gravity and good weight distribution for optimum stability, it is safest when used up to a slope of 15 degrees. Using on steep slopes is not recommended.



Cub Cadet XZ3122 Zero-Turn Ride-On Mower

Best Zero Turn Mower for Hills
Cub Cadet XZ3122 Zero-Turn Ride-On Lawnmower
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The Cub Cadet XZ3122 is powered by a 726cc Kawasaki twin-cylinder engine which offers high performance, excellent fuel economy and rugged reliability. A full-pressure lubrication system ensures that parts are always effectively lubricated, even on steep inclines.

With the innovative Synchro Steer technology, the steering wheel controls the large-diameter front castor and independently operated rear wheels, developing enough traction and control to tackle rough terrain and steep hills.

This unit has a 1.5” welded box frame with an 11-gauge steel cutting deck with three blades, a cutting width of 122cm and 15 height adjustment settings ranging from 25 to 105mm. A foot-operated lift system ensures smooth lifting and lowering of the deck.

The all-wheel directional zero-turn manoeuvrability, a low centre of gravity, and wide wheelbase provide stability and ensure that the lawn is effectively cut, leaving no patches uncut even over uneven ground.

Advanced mulching technology delivers effective and efficient mulching. The XZ3122 is a side-discharge mower. A 200-litre grass collector is optional and can be purchased separately.

An adjustable steering column and high back seat with armrests provide support and comfort for operators of all sizes.



Simplicity Courier SZT275 Zero-Turn Ride-On Mower

Best Zero Turn Mower for Mulching
Simplicity SZT275 Zero-Turn Ride-On Mower
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The Simplicity Courier SZT275 features a rear-discharge CentreCut mower deck with Eliminator mulching blades as standard, whereby the clippings are finely shredded (mulched) without inserting a mulching plug.

You can easily convert this heavy-duty fabricated steel mower deck to three different cutting modes depending on the time of year, length and state of the grass. These include mulching, half mulching/half rear discharge, and full rear discharge.

In all modes, trimming edges on both sides of the deck prevents clippings from being blown into flower beds and pavements.

A Briggs & Stratton Professional Series 8270 V-Twin Engine powers this zero-turn mower with a cutting deck width of 122cm, a foot-operated mower deck lift and 13 adjustable cutting heights from 38mm-110mm.

This Simplicity SZT275 delivers precise and effective cutting due to the ability of the zero-turn mower to manoeuvre around obstacles such as trees and flower beds with ease.



Snapper ZTX105 Zero-Turn Ride-On Mower

Best Zero Turn Mower for 1 Acre
Snapper ZTX105 Zero-Turn Ride-On Lawnmower
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The Snapper ZTX105 is a compact zero-turn mower designed for maximum garden access. Due to the small size of this mower, it is easy to navigate even through the tightest parts of your lawn and effectively trims grass areas up to 10,000 square metres.

A Briggs & Stratton Intek 7200-Series 656cc V-Twin engine delivers plenty of power while significantly reducing fuel consumption, noise and emissions.

Designed and engineered to be robust and durable, a solid steel heavy-duty side discharge cutting deck is ideal for areas with long grass. The foot-operated deck lift and simple single-pin design allow seven different heights to be cut, ranging from 38-114mm, to enable all grass conditions to be mowed.

The ZTX105 has a cutting width of 91cm with electronic blade engagement. The wide front axle and anti-scalp deck will cut across uneven ground without damaging the lawn. A mulch kit and grass collector can be purchased as optional extras.

The tractable steering wheel with twin levers gives you excellent control while mowing. In addition, the ZTX105 has an adjustable, padded seat, armrests and angled foot support for added comfort.



Simplicity Courier SZT350 Zero-Turn Ride-On Mower (with Striping Rollers)

Best Zero Turn Mower for 5 Acre
Simplicity SZT350 Zero-Turn Ride-On Mower
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The Simplicity SZT350 zero-turn ride-on mower is the largest zero-turn mower in the Simplicity range. Zero-turn capability, plus the side discharge cutting deck, allows the operator to cut quickly and mow an area of more than 20,000 square metres.

Power is provided by a fuel-efficient, smooth-running Briggs & Stratton Series 8270 V-Twin OHV Engine with low vibrations.

Designed and built for strength and durability, the Simplicity SZT350 has a heavy-duty fabricated steel cutter deck and an 11-gauge stamped steel frame.

The cutting deck has three blades with a 132cm cutting width and the cutting height is adjusted with a foot-operated deck lift. It is fitted with a rear roller to produce the traditional striped lawn effect.

A side-discharge mode is standard for this model and is perfect for areas with long grass.

Eliminator mulching blades are optional for the SZT350, and it is recommended that you include these blades in your purchase to achieve an excellent finish every time. At the same time, the mulched trimmings will help to supply nutrients to your lawn.

Driver comfort is ensured with a five-stage, adjustable, mid-backed seat with an armrest and front and rear suspension.



Snapper ZTX350 Zero-Turn Ride-On Mower

Best Zero Turn Mower for Rough Terrain
Snapper ZTX350 Zero-Turn Ride-On Lawnmower
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Cut the grass quickly with the Snapper ZXT350 zero-turn riding mower. Twin-lever controls allow you to move and turn effortlessly around obstacles, while the front axle smoothly tracks over rough terrain, giving you a consistently even cut.

The Snapper ZTX350 is designed to perform under harsh, demanding conditions and boasts a fully welded 12 gauge steel frame, a thick-walled cast-iron front axle and a durable mower deck.

A Briggs & Stratton V Twin engine delivers the power required for this side discharge mower to cope with long, overgrown areas. A 132cm cutting width with 13 adjustable cutting heights ranging from 38-110mm makes the ZXT350 ideal for informal lawns and meadow areas over 20,000 square metres.



Cub Cadet Z5152 Zero-Turn Ride-On Mower

Best Zero Turn Mower for Large Acreage
Cub Cadet Z5152 Zero-Turn Ride-On Lawnmower
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The Cub Cadet Z5152 Zero-Turn Ride-on Mower has a large 152 cm cutting deck powered by a powerful Kawasaki engine that allows you to mow areas over 60,000 m2 in one day at a claimed rate of 15,000 square metres per hour.

This heavy-duty zero-turn mower was designed for commercial use to tackle demanding terrain and can mow on significant inclines quickly and effectively.

A professional-grade Kawasaki OHV 852CC V-Twin engine powers this zero-turn mower that is constructed with high-quality components, a robust welded steel deck and a corrosion-resistant e-coated frame.

The Z5152 is a side discharge mower with a mulching plug to add versatility and complete control over the finish of your lawn. it has a choice of 17 adjustable cut heights ranging from 26mm to 127mm.

With zero-turn manoeuvrability, you have agility and control with smooth, precise handling. You can mow large expansive areas and cut around obstacles quickly and easily. Large-diameter, wide-profile rear tyres reduce the chance of turf damage on formal lawns.



How to Buy the Best Zero Turn Mower

Power Source

You can choose between petrol or battery-powered zero-turn mowers. Various factors may influence the type of mower that best suits your needs and requirements.

Petrol Zero-turn mowers:

Most zero-turn models on the market are petrol powered. They are better for commercial use because petrol-powered mowers are more powerful and better suited to rough terrain and large expansive areas.

Another factor to consider is the size of the fuel tank, as that will determine your run time and the area that can be covered before refuelling. Also, like all petrol-powered mowers, they are noisy.

Battery Zero-turn mowers

These mowers are powered by rechargeable batteries with average run times of 60 to 90 minutes. It will take approximately 2-3 hours to recharge the battery. Chargers are included in most models.

Battery-operated mowers are quiet but are not recommended for rough terrain or areas with steep inclines.

Size of Area to Mow

Zero-turn mowers are not recommended if your garden is less than an acre or two. Smaller models with decks of 100cm are best for areas of 2 to 3 acres. Mid-size models with 110- to 130cm decks can handle 3 to 4 acres. Models with decks larger than 130cm are geared towards very large, expansive areas.

Cutting Width

A deck with a wide cutting width will be capable of cutting a larger area, and it will also take less time to complete the job.

When choosing the cutting width for your property, it is suggested that you consider whether the zero-turn mower can pass through fence gates if necessary.

Cutting Height

Adjustable cutting heights allow you to set the cutting blades to suit the length and thickness of your grass.

Fuel Capacity

Most of the zero-turn mowers listed are petrol powered, meaning that the size of the fuel tank is of utmost importance. A mower with a large fuel capacity can mow for a long time without refuelling.


A battery-operated model will require less maintenance than a petrol-powered zero-turn mower. Petrol mowers will need regular servicing, and you will have to consider if you will do the maintenance yourself or have the added cost of using a professional.

Purchase Price

Zero-turn mowers are expensive, and you must consider the size and type of property you intend to maintain to determine the size and power of the mower best suited to your requirements and budget.

As a rule, the larger and more powerful the zero-turn mower, the more expensive it will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you plough snow with a zero-turn mower?

Yes. Zero-turn mowers can plough snow. You will have to purchase and attach a snowplough or a snowblower attachment to enjoy the value of having a two-in-one machine.

With the speed and manoeuvrability of a zero-turn, you can plough snow three times faster than with a garden tractor or conventional snowblower.

How much does a zero-turn mower weigh?

The average weight of a zero-turn mower is between 230 and 360kg. The exact weight will depend on the make and model of the mower.

Some factors that could affect the weight include the size of the cutting deck, the engine type and whether any additional features or accessories are included.

Can you stripe a lawn with a zero-turn mower?

You can stripe a lawn with a zero-turn mower if the mower is equipped with a roller. To get stripes on your lawn, you’ll need to mow your lawn in different directions with a mower that has a roller. Not all zero-turn mowers are equipped with striping rollers.


As a rule, the larger and more powerful the zero-turn mower, the more expensive the unit will be, even though you may be able to complete your task quicker and more effectively.

You must assess the property you maintain and decide what size and power level you need.

After considering all the factors and recommended mowers in this guide, we trust you will have a clearer idea of which zero-turn mower best suits your requirements.

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