Best Petrol Strimmers for Large and Overgrown Lawns UK 2023

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Which petrol strimmers are best?  Is the petrol strimmer a good option?

Anyone maintaining a garden for more than five minutes realises that a lawn mower will only get you so far and even hedge clippers have their limits. Beyond that, they just don’t cut it. What you need is a strimmer: a powered trimmer with a rapidly-spinning nylon cutting cord.

As you can imagine, strimmers come with a bewildering array of options and accessories: loop, bicycle and bullhorn handlebars; support straps and harnesses; hedge trimmers, brush cutters and even actual chainsaws.

This article will provide you with all the information you need to decide which strimmer meets your needs, whether or not you’re on a budget.

Our TOP Picks

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The Best 8 Petrol Strimmers

  1. IKRA IBF 31-4
  2. Webb WELT26
  3. Einhell GC-BC 31-4 S
  4. Tenwell AOSOME 5-in-1
  5. Wolf PowerKing Big Horn 2-in-1
  6. Arebos ECO 5-in-1
  7. Stanley STR-750A
  8. FUXTEC Professional 2-in-1


Best Petrol Strimmer for Allotments
IKRA IBF 31-4 Petrol Brush Cutter Trimmer
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Key Features:

This IKRA is a prime example of the choices you need to make. It’s a strimmer but it’s also a brush cutter. When you’ve finished mowing the lawn, a strimmer will clean up the edges the mower couldn’t quite reach but, If you’re reclaiming a corner of your garden that has suffered years of neglect, a brush cutter will clear away small branches, very tall grass, and those tough, thick-stemmed weeds that populate vacant lots. Switching between the thread spool and the thickness knives is very easy.

The IKRA has a 4-stroke engine, more than enough power to cope with anything you could reasonably expect to encounter.

The IKRA’s weight (just under 9kg) is typical of most strimmers. This doesn’t sound like much but after half an hour your back starts to take the strain, which is why a harness is essential. To this end, the IKRA comes with a double shoulder strap and hip protection. 

The IKRA’s warranty covers you for 2 years domestic use with the receipt or a copy thereof.



Webb WELT26

Best Lightweight Petrol Strimmer
Webb WELT26
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Key Features:

At 4.6kg, the Webb WELT26 is one of the lightest strimmers on the market, so much so that many users found the support strap unnecessary.

The longer shaft length offsets the weight of the motor so that the strimmer’s pivot point is at the loop handle, making it very easy to control and manoeuvre.

Webb designed the 26cc 2-stroke engine for fuel economy, high performance, and minimal vibration.

This strimmer is best suited to domestic use: trimming hedges and shrubs, around walls, fences, the edge of lawns, and the base of tree trunks.  Although it could probably handle a lot more, it’s not a brush cutter in the accepted sense of the term.

The WELT26’s warranty is good for 2 years.



Einhell GC-BC 31-4 S

Best 4-Stroke Petrol Strimmer
Einhell 3436500 GC-BC 31-4 S
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Key Features:

The Einhell GC-BC 31-4 S bills itself as a petrol scythe which sounds like an overstatement until you realise that it has a 45cm cutting width.

It also has a high-quality twin-line spool with a jogging system that automatically adjusts the thread.

A perennial complaint about the Einhell strimmer is its harness which many users find fiddly and awkward. There is, however, an easy fix that applies to all strimmers, not just the Einhell. The trick is to adjust the harness before putting it on. 

Fill the petrol tank then suspend the strimmer from a ceiling beam by its hanging hook. Adjust the position of the hook so that the strimmer leans forward slightly. Put on the harness and move the handlebar to a comfortable position. Now, when you’re trimming, the strimmer will incline downwards and still be manoeuvrable. 

The warranty for this tool is 2 years from the date of purchase.



Tenwell AOSOME Multifunction 5-in-1

Best 5-in-1 Petrol Strimmer
AOSOME Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool
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Key Features:

The Tenwell AOSOME is the Optimus Prime of strimmers. For one thing, it weighs almost twice as much as other strimmers. For another, it comes with a range of attachments that turn it from a strimmer to a brush cutter, a hedge trimmer, and a chainsaw pruner.

This is the strimmer you need to tend a complex garden with hedges, trees, shrubs, lawns, and flower beds. It transforms easily from one tool to another without the need for tools, the screws on other strimmers having been replaced by knobs and quick-release connectors. A 1m-long extension brings high branches and tall features within reach.

The Tenwell AOSOME carries a 3-year warranty.



Wolf PowerKing Big Horn 2-in-1 

Best Value Petrol Strimmer
PowerKing 2 in 1 Petrol Multi Tool
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Key Features:

Compared to the other strimmers out there, Wolf is practically giving this one away. In light of the fact that this is a brush cutter as well as a strimmer, the Big Horn is literally twice the value at half the price.

The motor is a recoil-start 52cc 2-stroke petrol engine. That’s more than some motorcycles. The crankshaft is fully supported to ensure reliability and long life and the controls are integrated into the bullhorn handles.

The warranty on the Big Horn is good for 2 years.



Arebos ECO 5-in-1

Best Strimmer for Large Gardens
Arebos ECO 2in1 Petrol String Trimmer | Lawn Trimmer
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Key Features:

If the Tenwell AOSOME is Optimus Prime, then the Arebos Eco is the Ultra Magnus of strimmers.

Most of the user reviews for this product report resounding success while a handful speak of abject failure, which makes me think that the latter group is guilty of breaking the first commandment of tools in general: Respect the Hardware.

You don’t drive a brand-new car off the lot and start doing handbrake turns. Machines need to be broken in. Give them small tasks to begin with, get used to their eccentricities and foibles and then ramp up to the big stuff. 

Whatever frustrations you encounter, console yourself with the fact that this unit costs half of what the upmarket brands are charging for what is essentially the same thing.

The Arebos Eco is a powerful, well-built machine with a stepless regulator so there’s no ‘changing gears’ from one speed to the next. You can run it as fast or slow as you want.

Its warranty lasts 3 years from the date of purchase.



Stanley STR-750A

Best Strimmer for Home Use
STANLEY STR-750A Petrol Grass Trimmer
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Key Features:

In case you didn’t know, Stanley’s full nomenclature is Stanley Black & Decker. The two companies merged in 2010.

Stanley Works was founded in 1843, so it’s safe to assume that they know a thing or two about power tools.

They clearly know something about motors because they’ve developed their own proprietary brand, the JETForce3, specifically designed for more power, lower fuel consumption, and reduced emissions.

By the same token, their recoil starter, the ICE Starter 3, is built to start in 2 to 3 pulls, even in cold weather.

Like all Stanley Black & Decker tools, the STR-750A was designed with the home consumer in mind, not the professional. It’s meant for normal domestic use. Anything else is going to require extra servicing. It’s also going to shorten its lifespan.

This tool is covered by a 2-year limited warranty. Stanley Black & Decker does not assume responsibility for parts affected by normal wear and tear.



FUXTEC  FX-PS152 Professional 2-in-1

Best Petrol Strimmer Under £200
FUXTEC FX-PS152 Professional 2-in-1
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Key Features:

This tool is both a strimmer and a brush cutter.

FUXTEC has redesigned the cylinder and piston to reduce wear and tear and extend the life of the engine.

The drive shaft has also been revised. Now it is mounted on oil dampers to reduce vibration.

The FUXTEC Easy Starter system preloads a spring when you pull the starter cord, storing up energy and releasing it at the right moment.

The warranty for this tool lasts 2 years from the date of purchase.



What’s the best petrol strimmer to buy?

The Webb WELT26 is the best petrol strimmer to buy based on our extensive testing, research and analysis. It is lightweight, quick, economic with fuel use, and ideal for domestic use.

How to Buy the Best Petrol Strimmer

Here are some things to consider when buying a petrol strimmer:

Application Suitability 

Buying a strimmer to suit your needs starts with assessing those needs.

If you’re only concerned with trimming the edges of lawns and flower beds, strips of grass too narrow for a lawn mower, and around the bases of shrubs, tree trunks and potted plants, then a basic, entry-level strimmer is all you need.

If there’s a hedge involved, you’re going to need a strimmer with a hedge trimmer attachment. If you try to use a strimmer on its own, chances are your hedge is going to look like you bought it from the agricultural equivalent of a thrift shop (see the FAQ below).

There is a second option: good, old-fashioned hedge clippers. If you want a perfect finish with clean cuts all the way around, hedge clippers are the way to go. 

Of course, this only applies if the hedges you want to trim are relatively small. A long, tall hedge will take a while and give your triceps the kind of workout not even a gym can provide. In which case you’re better off with a hedge trimmer attachment.

By the same token, if you plan on clearing an unkempt section of your yard, you’re going to need a strimmer with a brush cutter attachment. Brush cutter attachments use a spinning steel blade rather than the strimmer’s nylon thread.


If you’re tall or short, you’re going to need a strimmer with an adjustable shaft. Otherwise, the balance is going to be off and a strimmer is not going to hang right.

Equally important are wide, padded harness straps. Plain narrow straps don’t offer the same support, don’t stay in place, and cut into your shoulders.

Bump Feed or Automatic Line Feed

An automatic line feed pushes out the line as cutting wears it away. A bump feed mechanism pushes out the line when you tap the thread head on the ground.

Both systems have advantages and disadvantages. In general, the bump feed comes out on top. It’s a simpler mechanism so there’s less to go wrong and it lets the user control the length of the line. However, if you’re tempted to extrude too much line, that can lead to tangling issues, a problem that doesn’t come up with automatic line feeders.


The warranty shouldn’t be less than two years and should cover any defects in manufacture.

Protect Yourself!

Strimmers, hedge trimmers and brush cutters spray grass, leaves, twigs and bits of wood in every direction. From a health and safety perspective, it is absolutely essential that you protect yourself. To ensure that a spot of gardening doesn’t turn into a trip to A&E, you need the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy an electric or petrol strimmer?

A couple of years ago it was still possible to make a case for the petrol strimmer. With breakthroughs in battery technology, the gap has narrowed until now the benefit of a petrol strimmer only applies to professional lawn care specialists, who use their strimmers for hours on end every day.

Can you use a petrol strimmer on wet grass?

Grass should never be cut wet. Not only will it put undue strain on your strimmer, but it will also tear and rip the grass rather than cutting it. It might even damage the grass enough to produce ugly brown bald patches.

How to store a petrol strimmer?

Wait until the engine is cool then empty the petrol tank. Put the petrol cap back on and try to start the engine. Keep trying until the engine no longer ‘coughs’. Store the strimmer in a lockable cupboard or hang it on a wall out of reach of children.

Can I trim a hedge with a strimmer?

No, for two reasons. The nylon thread on a strimmer isn’t sharp enough to cut cleanly so the end result will be ragged and uneven and may even damage the hedge. Also, the head shield can no longer protect you from flying debris once you’ve lifted it above waist height.


The best option is a 2-in-1 or 5-in-1. That way you have a cheap, quick, easy way of giving your garden that final polish with enough left over to cope with the unforeseen.

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