Best Lawn Mower with Side Discharge for Fertilising UK 2023

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Do you want to mow your lawn with ease and fertilise at the same time? If so, a side discharge lawn mower might be the best option for you.

In this article, we’ll give the low down on what side discharge mowers are, explain how they can help you and reveal 7 of the best options available to buy right now. 

The first tool many think about when it comes to garden care is their lawn mower. There are many factors to consider including the weight, size and power of the mower you choose. However, special features like side discharge are becoming more important for buyers.

Keep reading to discover the best lawn mowers with side discharge available.

Our TOP Lawn Mower with Side Discharge Picks

From specific mulching mowers to regular mowers with a side discharge function, here are our top picks:

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Best Lawn Mowers with Side Discharge to Buy in 2023

best lawn mowers with side discharge uk 2023

When it comes to buying a lawn mower with side discharge, this isn’t the only feature to consider. If you happen to buy a push mower, the weight of the unit is important as you need to ensure it won’t cause you to tire easily.

Similarly, for the times you want to store your mower, the dimensions are important. If you have little storage space, a compact mower is better than a ride-on mower. Additional features like a collapsing handle are helpful too.

Finally, the maintenance of your mower is important. Look for a durable lawn mower that requires less maintenance than a mower that’s easy to wear down. We’ve considered all these features when evaluating our best mowers.

Murray EQ2-700X Self-Propelled Petrol Mower with Side and Rear Discharge

Best Side Discharge Lawn Mower for Thick and Wet Grass
Murray EQ2-700X Self-Propelled Petrol Mower with Side and Rear Discharge
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Key Product Specs and Features

If you are looking for a lawn mower for thick and/or wet grass, then a self-propelled mower with side discharge is an ideal option. This Murray mower has a rear and side discharge, making it suitable for all garden types. Grass clippings can be disposed of by opposite obstacles using either feature.

This mower is a cinch to start and the Briggs & Stratton 161cc engine delivers more than enough power. This power, combined with the 56cm cut width, allows you to keep medium to large lawns neat and tidy with ease. 

Additionally, this lawn mower has a 75l collection bag to store grass clippings and garden debris until they can be disposed of. This mower has been built to mulch grass clippings to make collection easier. 

As with all of these lawn mowers, it has a side discharge that allows you to mulch as you mow. This will return valuable nutrients to the soil and save you time on raking up or emptying the grass box. It is a free fertiliser and an eco-friendly way to look after your lawn. 



Sprint 2691794 420SP Self-Propelled Petrol Mower 

Best Self-Propelled
Sprint 2691794 420SP Self-propelled Petrol Lawn Mower
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Key Product Specs and Features

For medium to large gardens, you can’t go wrong with this self-propelled model from Sprint. It has a cutting deck of 42cm which allows larger areas of grass to be cut at a time, reducing the overall time spent on tending to your garden.

It is solidly built, and both the lawn mower and the blades should last you many years. It sports a reliable 125cc Briggs & Stratton engine. 

As a self-propelled mower with petrol power, this model may be louder than an electric model. However, the power of the mower will outweigh this as it will effectively cut mowing time. The weight of this mower makes it easy to manoeuvre and will not cause you to tire easily. 



Nexus NX46SP Mulching Mower with Side Discharge

Best Petrol Mulching Mower
NEXUS NX46SP NX46SP-18 Petrol Lawn Mower with Briggs & Stratton 500E Series Engine 
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Key Product Specs and Features

A popular choice for a lawn mower which can mulch grass clippings easily is the Nexus NX46SP. This self-propelled, lightweight lawn mower is suitable for medium to large gardens and features a powerful and reliable Briggs & Stratton 140cc petrol engine, 500E Series. 

This lawn mower comes with 4 functions. It can collect and bag up to 60l of grass clippings and garden debris. Additionally, this versatile mower has side and rear discharge to make it easier for grass to be disposed of while caring for your lawn.

Finally, the greatest benefit of this lawn mower is that it can mulch grass clippings as they’re cut. This is done by cutting the grass into small pieces which can then be spread around your garden to act as a natural fertiliser. 



Webb WER510SP Rotary Lawn Mower with Side Discharge Bag

Best Rotary Lawn Mower with Side Discharge Bag
Webb WER510SP Rotary Lawn Mower with Side Discharge Bag
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Key Product Specs and Features

This mower’s blades are made with durable alloy steel, helping them to last against frequent exposure to moisture in wet grass and general wear and tear. The blades can be adjusted to 7 different cutting heights depending on the need, from 25mm to 75mm.

With a formidable 173cc 4-stroke engine, this mower will power through the lawn, even long or wet grass, with speed and ease. 

The lawn mower includes a large collection bag which can hold 65l of grass clippings and garden debris. This makes it easier and more efficient to clear your garden as it needs to be emptied less frequently. An additional benefit to this is that mowing your garden takes less time.



Cobra M51SPC 20″ Side Discharge Lawn Mower

Best Side Discharge Petrol Lawn Mower
Cobra M51SPC 20" Petrol Lawn Mower Self Propelled 4in1 Mulch Collect 173cc OHV Engine
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Key Product Specs and Features

For those looking for an electric mower with side discharge, Cobra’s lawn mower is a good option. Easy start technology makes it easier to start mowing your garden efficiently, while the style of mower is designed for ease of use.

You get fantastic power from the DG600 OHV engine and as this mower is self-propelled, it’s a breeze to get around your garden. 

A large collection bag comes with the lawn mower which can hold up to 60l of grass cuttings and garden debris at a time. This makes it easier to clean while mowing and makes disposal of cuttings easier.



Einhell GC-PM 46 S HW-T Petrol Push Lawn Mower

Best Side Discharge Push Mower
Einhell GC-PM 46 S HW-T Petrol Push Lawnmower
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Key Product Specs and Features

Einhell has long been one of my favourite lawn mower brands and the GC-PM 46 S HW-T does not disappoint. Clearly, I am not alone as this model is popular and highly rated. This mower is ideal for smaller gardens as you need to push the lawn mower around. 

You need to consider the weight of this mower as it may be too heavy for some to push around tough terrain. However, with a large cutting deck of 46cm, the job should be completed in good time. This is ideal for lawn care as you may have more than just grass cutting to get done. 

The steerable front wheel makes directing the mower easier while working. There are 8 options for cut height and it is simple to adjust. 



Webb WER460SP Self-Propelled Rotary Mower

Best Budget Lawn Mower for Large Lawns
Webb Supreme WER 460 SP Rotary Petrol Lawn Mower
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Key Product Specs and Features

Designed to make caring for large gardens easier, the Webb rotary lawn mower has plenty of features to make mowing less effort. A large 55l collection bag allows you to mow for longer before it needs to be emptied. 

Additionally, a cutting deck of 46cm allows you to tackle large areas efficiently. The height of the blades can be adjusted from 25mm to 75mm in 7 positions, allowing you to choose the right height for your garden. This will allow for the type of grass and the season, as well as your preference.

Powered by a 141cc DVO 140 series engine, this mower is powerful and ideal for medium to large gardens. 

Users have stated that this lawn mower is good value for money. They have found that it is easy to assemble on first arrival, and easy to use in their gardens. This mower has been designed to manoeuvre around features in your garden easily.



How to Buy the Best Lawn Mower with Side Discharge

Power Source

There are various types of mowers with different power sources, including electric, push mowers and petrol mowers. Petrol mowers tend to be louder than electric mowers.


With machinery that involves multiple moving pieces, there is always the risk that something might break before or during use. Looking for a mower with a warranty can help as it means the company may replace faulty parts or the entire mower. 


Depending on the frequency of use and the materials used, your mower may require more frequent maintenance. This includes sharpening the blades, clearing petrol lines and general repairs to the body of the mower.

Cutting width

The cutting width of your lawn mower is important, particularly for large gardens. A lawn mower with a smaller cutting deck will be impractical for larger gardens. In this case, a larger cutting width is important. 


Depending on the type of lawn mower you want, you need to ensure that the weight of the mower is not an issue. Push mowers should be lightweight to make it easier to move around your garden.


Finding a durable lawn mower which stands up to frequent use is the best option long term. It shouldn’t need frequent maintenance and will be a good investment in your garden care. 


Choosing a specific type of mower is important but can be difficult. Larger gardens may require a large ride-on mower while smaller gardens may be more suitable for a push or electric mower. 


Cost is always a factor to consider. You don’t want to go for a budget mower that does a poor job or falls apart after a few months. That being said, there are many quality side discharge mowers that are excellent value for money. The more expensive options tend to be a bit more powerful and include some additional bells and whistles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some side discharge mower advantages?

Some advantages of side discharge mowers include effective cutting of wet grass, efficient mowing and non-stop mowing. When aimed correctly, the side discharge feature returns grass clippings to the garden, providing an effective, natural fertiliser. 

Side vs rear discharge mower: what is the difference?

With a rear discharge mower, you can take an efficient path through the garden. The grass clippings will be disposed of behind you, which makes for easy cleanup. Meanwhile, with side discharge mowers you need to cut grass against obstacles with the chute facing the other way.

Lawn mower side discharge vs mulching: is there a difference?

The primary difference between side discharge and mulching mowers is the type of blades used. Mulching mowers have curved blades which cut grass clippings into small pieces. Side discharge mowers cut grass clippings into uniform pieces and dispose of the grass through an opening.

What is a side discharge ride on a mower?

Ride-on mowers have a seat on which the user can sit while mowing their lawn. These mowers cut grass clippings into manageable pieces and suck the clippings into the machine. After which, the grass clippings are disposed of from a chute on the side of the mower. 

What type of grass is suitable for side discharge lawn mowers?

Lawn mowers with side discharge work well for wet or tall grass. They work effectively through the grass and help move the grass clippings back into the garden to be broken down as fertiliser.


Now that we have looked at our top picks of the best lawn mowers with side discharge, you should have a clearer idea of the options available.

Each of these lawn mowers has been compared based on factors including the weight and dimensions of the lawn mower to judge the manoeuvrability and ease of storage, and the power and cutting deck which will determine how long it takes to mow a particular lawn. 

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know below.

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