19 Robot Lawn Mower Garage Ideas to House Your Grass Pet

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If you’ve decided to buy an all-singing, all-cutting robotic mower for your garden, you’re not alone. These handy garden gadgets have skyrocketed in popularity, putting the chore of the weekly mow firmly on the back burner.

Robotic mowers aren’t cheap, but they are practical. They work by cutting the grass little and often, keeping to the area within the preset boundary. Robot mowers work at low speeds and have collision sensors so they’re safe for use with children and pets and, as they cut frequently, the short grass clippings act as a convenient fertiliser for the lawn.

Robotic mowers come with a charging station which they are programmed to return to when the battery runs low. It’s usually a flat piece of plastic which is permanently connected to mains power and located in a shady spot on the grass.

Although robotic mowers are tough, they aren’t completely immune to the effects of the elements and extreme weather conditions could be damaging. Keep reading to see why it’s a good idea to cover your robotic mower and discover 19 innovative robot lawn mower garage ideas.

Do you really need an automower garage?

We all know that the Great British weather can be changeable, from super hot summer days to pelting winter rain, your robotic mower will endure heat, regular soakings and freezing temperatures.

While robotic mowers are designed to be sturdy, it’s a good idea to protect your mower from weather extremes when it’s docked in the charging station.

Providing a garage for your robotic lawn mower is a great way to:

If you don’t fancy buying a garage for your mower, you can easily build your own! From robot mower garages that match your home to creatively hidden caverns, there are many options for protecting your precious robot mower.

Best robotic lawn mower garage ideas

Robotic mowers will stay in their charging station when they aren’t mowing. The docking station needs to be placed on a flat, grassy surface that’s level with the lawn and it needs to be fairly central.

This means that your robotic mower garage will be quite visible, so it’s worth building (or buying) a mower garage that fits in with your garden and your style. Here’s a list of 19 robot garage ideas to inspire you:

1. Garden Lawnmower Shed

Garden Lawnmower Shed

Source: amazon

Match your mower garage to your garden shed with this miniature robot mower house. It’s made from galvanised steel so will be well-equipped to deal with just about everything the weather throws at it.

2. Sleek Mower Shelter

Sleek Mower Shelter

Source: amazon

This curved steel robot mower shelter is perfect for contemporary gardens. Robotic mowers and their charging stations are fairly sizeable, so if you’re going to purchase a cover for your mower, the more stylish, the better!

3. Minimalist Robot Mower Shelter

Minimalist Robot Mower Shelter

Source: amazon

If you’re keen to protect your new robotic mower but don’t want a large shed-like shelter, this simple metal and PVC cover is perfect for protecting your mower from the rain, hail and snow in a subtler way. We think it looks pretty slick too!

4. Plastic Robotic Mower House

Plastic Robotic Mower House

Source: amazon

Robotic mower houses can be expensive, so a plastic mower house is a good option if you’re on a budget. Plastic garages are perfect for all weather conditions, they provide valuable shade and most have roofs that tilt so you can easily access the docking station as needed.

5. Gabion Lawn Mower Garage with Raised Bed

Gabion Lawn Mower Garage with Raised Bed

Source: suavehome

This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing mower sheds we’ve come across. Fill the wire cage with rocks, stones or beach pebbles and plant the top with pretty flowers or herbs for an environmentally friendly addition to your garden.

6. Wooden Planter Lawnmower Garage

Wooden Lawnmower Garage

Credit: Wayfair

Perfect for hiding your lawnmower when not in use and blending seamlessly in with your garden, this clever wooden planter garage is a must-have for budding gardeners. Add plenty of trailing plants for extra camouflage.

7. Simple Wooden Lawnmower Garage

Simple Wooden Lawnmower Garage

Credit: Wayfair

Whether you’re on a budget after splurging on a robotic lawnmower or just fancy a simple style of robot garage, this slatted wooden garage is a great buy. You can easily paint or stain the wood to prolong the life of the garage, and it’s easy to move it and access the docking station if needed.

8. Canopy-style Robot Mower Shelter

Canopy-style Robot Mower Shelter

Source: amazon

Simple and stylish, canopy robot mower shelters are cheaper than full-sided options but they still offer a good degree of shelter and shade. 

9. Robotic Mower Garage with Automatic Door

Robotic Mower Garage with Automatic Door

Source: amazon

For the ultimate in luxurious robot mower housing, this beautifully designed mower garage includes an automatic door and increased airflow to prevent a robotic mower from overheating. Your mower may just have a fancier garage than your car!

10. Green Roofed Robot Mower Home


Image credit: Pinterest

Help your robotic mower to blend in with its surroundings using a clever shelter with a green roof. As handy as they are, the colour and sleek style of robot mowers can mean they jar with the softer garden landscape and not everyone wants a mower garage to be the focal point of their garden.

Plant the roof with mosses, succulents like houseleeks and sedum, grasses, sweet-smelling herbs and wildflowers.

11. Dual-Purpose Robot Mower Garage

Dual-Purpose Robot Mower Garage

Image credit: @peikhellyhansen

Taking the DIY robot mower garage to new levels, this ingenious and great-looking firewood store has been built to include a miniature mower garage. It’s an excellent use of space and a great solution for effectively hiding the mower when not in use.

12. Robotic Mower Garage with Curtains

Robotic Mower Garage with Curtains

Image credit: @lawncarewithmike

If you’d like to add an extra layer of protection to a wooden robot garage, whether it’s a purchased or homemade version, fixing plastic curtains to the entrance is a low-cost and effective solution that won’t interfere with the mower’s return to its charging station.

13. Personalised Robot Mower Shed

Personalised Robot Mower Shed

Image credit: Pinterest

If you see your robotic mower as more of a pet than a garden machine, why not personalise its garage? You could have a sign engraved or paint your own for the perfect finishing touch. 

14. Gazebo-Style Robot Lawn Mower Garage

Gazebo-Style Robot Lawn Mower Garage

Image credit: Pinterest

An excellent idea if you don’t want a robot lawn mower garage to dominate the garden is to create a shelter that’s partially enclosed. Take inspiration from garden gazebos and create a miniature version for your robot mower. It’s perfect for creating shade and shelter and you could even decorate it with some twinkling fairy lights!

15. Brick Robot Mower Garage

Brick Robot Mower Garage

Image credit: Pinterest

Create a sturdy, permanent garage structure for your robotic lawn mower with a brick-built garage and metal roof. You won’t need to worry about rotting, warping or maintaining this shed and it will shrug off the worst of the weather with ease.

16. Reclaimed Pallet Robot Mower Garage

Reclaimed Pallet Robot Mower Garage

Image credit: Pinterest

Pallets are one of the best sources of free or inexpensive hardwood. You can repurpose wooden pallets to create decking, planters, gazebos, garden furniture and, of course, robotic lawnmower garages.

17. Slate Roofed Lawnmower Garage

Slate Roofed Lawnmower Garage

Image credit: Pinterest

If you’re feeling creative or want to hone your roofing skills, adding a rustic slate roof to your robotic lawnmower garage is a great option. Slate is a beautiful natural stone and it’s extremely durable, you’ll often see it on the roofs of houses in Cornwall and Wales and it’s a good solution if you want to create a garage for your lawnmower that will blend in with its surroundings.

18. Bespoke Robot Lawnmower Garage

Bespoke Robot Lawnmower Garage

Image credit: @burgers44

Create a unique lawnmower garage by designing your own. You can build a grand design or find a talented craftsman to bring your vision to life. 

19. Custom-Made Lawnmower Garage

Custom-Made Lawnmower Garage

Image credit: @mowergarage

If the other designs in our list just don’t cut it, how about having a bespoke, miniature garage built for you? Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, including scaled down gutters and elaborate windows, this is one robot mower garage that you won’t want to fade into the surroundings.


Do robot mowers need a garage?

It’s not a necessity, but to prolong the life of your robot mower and protect it from the elements, a robot garage is recommended. The garage can be fully enclosed with an automatic door, or be a simple, gazebo-style unit to protect the mower from the sun and the worst of the rain.

Can I make my own robot mower garage?

Yes, you can! You can opt for a simple DIY garage or get really creative and build a robot garage to match your home or shed. It’s an excellent project for a novice DIY-er and you can get plenty of inspiration from this article.

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