How to Build a Corrugated Metal Planter Box

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When it comes to industrial looking garden planters, corrugated metal has the edge. Practical and durable, corrugated steel can look incredible when transformed into a planter.

If you choose galvanised steel for your planter, it can last up to 60 years! It’s a great choice for a planter as, if you’re growing thirsty plants like beans or squash, it’ll be in almost constant contact with water and won’t rust. It’s also highly recyclable so is a great sustainable choice.

The galvanisation process involves coating steel with a layer of molten zinc, making it resistant to corrosion, it’s why it’s such a great choice for roof panels and in this case, planters.

Let’s take a look at how to build your own corrugated metal planter box and where you can find some ready-made versions to grace your garden, vegetable plot or balcony.

How to build a corrugated metal planter box

Before you start, you’ll need to get hold of some corrugated roof sheets.  You can pick these up at a DIY store or order them online, they aren’t particularly expensive, just cumbersome!

What you’ll need

You’ll also need a saw that can cut metal, eye protection, a drill, a staple gun and gloves.

Follow this step-by-step guide from to create a fabulous looking corrugated metal planter box.

build corrugated metal planter box

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6 of the Best Corrugated Metal Planter Boxes You Can Buy

If you don’t fancy building your own, take a look at our pick of the best corrugated planter boxes on the market. Metal is one of the more expensive options for garden planters but it’s longer lasting than wood, won’t crack, fade or split and is largely maintenance-free:

1. 4-in-1 modular metal raised bed

This clever raised bed kit from Harrod Horticultural can be configured in 4 different ways to suit your space. It can be arranged in a square, rectangular or narrow shape to fit your garden, patio or greenhouse. It’s constructed from galvanised steel and powder coated for durability.  Grow vegetables, flowers or a combination of both!

4-in-1 modular metal raised bed

4-in-1 Metal Raised Bed £99.95 Harrod Horticultural

2. Round galvanised steel raised bed

Who said corrugated planters have to be quadrilateral?  This round, corrugated steel planter will provide a stylish, industrial look to your garden and would liven up any vegetable plot. Made from galvanised steel, it won’t rust and is very easy to put together, ideal if you can’t wait to get planting!

Round galvanised steel raised bed

Yshardware raised bed £47.99 Amazon

3. Large steel grey raised garden bed

Reminiscent of a feeding trough, this extra-large raised bed is a great addition to larger outdoor spaces. With a roomy 81cm deep planting area, you can grow a range of deep-rooted plants including tomatoes, pumpkins, parsnip and winter squash.

Large steel grey raised garden bed

vidaXL garden raised bed £142.99

4. Reclaimed corrugated steel roof planter

If you prefer a more rustic look, these gorgeous and unusual reclaimed steel planters are an ideal choice. Available in a range of sizes, you can stand them alone or group different sizes together for greater impact. You can even choose your level of patina and add a lid to transform it into a useful side table.

Reclaimed corrugated steel roof planter

Reclaimed corrugated steel roof planter From £24.99 Etsy

5. Set of 2 metal raised bed planters

Perfect for growing vegetables, these sleek, dark grey metal planters will add a touch of style to your plot. They’re 45cm high so deep enough to grow most crops.  The dark colour will warm in the sun and retain heat to keep plants cosy into the evening.  These planters will contrast beautifully with green and yellow foliage, providing an aesthetically pleasing and practical addition.

Set of 2 metal raised bed planters

Set of 2 metal raised bed planters £134.99 Selections

6. Zinc Dolly Tub Planter

This vintage-style, zinc tub planter is tall enough to accommodate an olive or bay tree and would look striking planted with contrasting brightly coloured blooms.  This planter doesn’t come with drainage holes but they are easy to add. Zinc planters are lightweight and retain moisture well so offer a good choice for balconies or decking.



zinc dolly tub planter

Zinc dolly tub planter £89 The worm that turned


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