How to assemble rattan garden furniture: step by step instruction

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Rattan garden furniture is very popular as outdoor furniture due to how durable it is and because of how great it looks.  If you finally decided to see what all the fuss is about, you’re probably going to need some instructions to assemble rattan garden furniture the right way.

No matter your reason for being here, this guide will help you to easily put together your newly acquired rattan furniture.

assemble rattan garden furniture

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Keep in mind that there are loads of different kinds of rattan furniture available. To avoid this article becoming too long and complicated we’ll only be covering the basics including:

If you need any other rattan furniture assembled you can find instructions here.

Rattan furniture usually comes in pieces and needs to be assembled by the buyer. As soon as you get your rattan furniture package, make sure to check that all the parts are accounted for.  It’s also a great idea to try and pack all the pieces in such a way that you don’t have to guess where they go once you start assembling.

Once you’re ready to start, follow the instructions for the specific piece of furniture you’re busy with. We’ll be starting with the rattan garden chairs, but if you’re a bit nervous, start with the dining room table or the coffee table since they are fairly simple to assemble.

How to assemble rattan garden chairs

rattan chair

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Rattan garden chairs are made up of four pieces. Your first challenge will be to identify these pieces and place them flat on the ground around the central piece (this will be the seat) so you know which piece goes where.

Once all the pieces have been correctly identified, take the seat piece and attach it to one of the side pieces with screws. The screws will be supplied along with the furniture. You will notice that the holes for the screws already exist and all you have to do is line them up and tighten the screw with a screwdriver.

Once you’re done with the first side, attach the other side piece in the same way. Make sure the screws are secure. Once that’s done you can turn the chair so that the back faces you. Take the back area of the chair and line up the holes to secure it in the right position. In some cases, the back area will reach below the seating area. Don’t worry this is normal. If you’re unsure find a picture of your furniture online and compare.

When you’ve finished, check all your screws to make sure they are nice and tight. Give the chair a few good shakes to see if any parts come loose and then place it on the ground.  If nothing came loose make sure to put some pressure on all parts of the assembled chair. If you notice any wobbling, tighten the screws a bit more. If the chair seems fairly stable and well balanced proceed to sit on it. If the chair holds even when you wiggle around, you’ve done it.

How to assemble a rattan dining table

patio dining set fake wood

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The dining room table is usually the easiest to set up. If you’re a bit nervous, start with it. Make sure you gather all your parts. there should be 4 legs and a tabletop. Place the tabletop upside down on the ground with the matching table legs next to the sides they will be attached to.

Tables are usually assembled upside down so this should make your life easier. Now all you have to do is find the right legs, line them up with the existing holes and screw in the supplied screws with a screwdriver.  Once all the legs are attached, make sure that all your screws are properly tightened and flip the table the right way around.

Put some pressure on the table and wiggle it around a bit. If you notice any wobbling or if it is unlevel, loosen or tighten the screws as required to fix the problem.

How to assemble a rattan coffee table

rattan coffee table

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Assembling a rattan coffee table is very similar to assembling the dining table. You will again have to find the tabletop and place it upside down on the floor. Place all the legs around it next to the side they’ll need to be attached to.

Once you’ve found and sorted all the parts, start by attaching one of the sides to the tabletop by lining up the existing holes. Tighten the screw with a screwdriver and line up and attach the next side until you’re done.

If by chance your table doesn’t have the standard tabletop but glass instead, simply line up all the sides like you would have if there was a tabletop.  Start by attaching one of the shorter sides to a longer side by aligning the existing holes and screwing in the screw. Keep adding a side until you’ve finished the frame. Once done you can slide in and secure the glass top.

Test your coffee table by wiggling it around a bit and check if it’s level. If none of the screws come loose and it is completely level your job is done.

How to assemble a rattan 4 piece sofa

A garden with artificial grass and a white deck with a huge rattan sofa beneath a pergola


As the name states, this rattan sofa consists of 4 pieces. You’ll have a long seat, a long back piece and two short sides. To make it easier for yourself place the pieces that will be attached to each other next to each other on the ground.

Once you’ve identified all the pieces start assembling by attaching one of the short sides to the seat piece. To do this you will line up the existing holes and screw in the given screws with a screwdriver. Once you’re done with the first side move around and attach the other short side as well.

When both sides are securely attached you can move around to the back area. Again line up the existing holes to attach the back. You might find it easier to turn your sofa upside down to do a final check on all your screws.  If everything seems secure, give the sofa a few good shakes while turning it the right way around again. If nothing comes loose proceed to put pressure on each of the parts to test the stability.

If you’re sure nothing will come loose, proceed to sit on the sofa and move around a bit like you normally would. If the sofa holds your weight without doing any strange wobbling, your task is complete. Congratulations you’ve set up the whole set in no time at all!


Is rattan furniture easy to assemble?

Rattan furniture is very easy to assemble. All you have to do is identify the correct pieces, line up the existing holes and screw in the screws. Keep doing this until all sides are attached properly.

Can you make your own rattan furniture?

It is possible to make your own rattan furniture, but it’s not a quick process. You will need to do all the weaving and make sure everything is strong enough to hold your weight when you’re done. If you decide to go down this route, make sure to use treated wood to avoid weather damage.

Can rattan be fixed?

It is quite simple to repair natural rattan. All you have to do is glue the loose strands of cane back into place. If there are pieces missing you can easily find some cane at a craft shop and replace the missing strands by glueing the new material into place.

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