What to Plant in January: 12 Flower & Vegetable Seeds to Sow Now 1
What to Plant in January: 12 Flower & Vegetable Seeds to Sow Now

It’s never too early to get a head start on your home-growing journey and there are several flower and vegetable seeds that you can sow in january.

sustainable wood
How to Find Sustainably Sourced Wood in the UK

From the wood you use for DIY projects to the fuel you burn, find out how sustainable UK wood is and what you can do to help our forests.

old door rustic planter box
How to Make a Cheap Rustic Wood Planter Box in 4 Steps

If you love the look of old planters, why not DIY a wooden rustic planter box? Follow our simple guide and enjoy this sustainable project.

7 Types of Best Wood for a Planter Box 2
7 Types of Best Wood for a Planter Box

When choosing the wood for a planter box, you’ll need to consider a few things. Find out the pros and cons of different woods and the most sustainable options.

How to Build a Vegetable Planter Box: Grow Healthy Foods 3
How to Build a Vegetable Planter Box: Grow Healthy Foods

There are few things more satisfying than growing and picking your own home-grown vegetables, salad or herbs. Learn how to build a planter box for vegetables and get started on your food growing journey.

garden furniture that looks like wood
Best Wood Effect Garden Furniture (Composite & Plastic)

With advances in technology and a wide range of materials, it’s possible to get beautiful, realistic-looking wood-effect garden furniture that won’t need sanding, treating or painting!

Plastic garden furniture on grass
Can Plastic Garden Furniture Be Recycled?

Your plastic garden furniture doesn’t have to end up in landfills. Here are all the ways by which you can recycle your plastic garden furniture.

Resin garden furniture
Is Resin Garden Furniture Worth It? Buying Guide

Learn about the benefits of resin garden furniture, when to opt for it, and some useful tips on buying before you visit your nearest furniture store. 

an attractive colander is a great way to use upcycled garden ideas in your garden
Amazing Reclaimed & Upcycled Garden Ideas

A beautiful garden doesn’t have to be expensive – in fact, we’re here to show you how a bit vision can result in a unique garden for next-to-nothing.

a raised vegetable bed for intensive crop growing
Fresh & Creative Vegetable Garden Ideas

Vegetable garden ideas for every space, from full-sized beds to balconies and patios – get growing today!

square foot gardening methods mean you can grow more crops in a small space
Square Foot Gardening: Tips and Tricks

Maximise your yield and minimise your effort with square foot gardening – a practical, easy way to grow crops in any garden.

a father and two children looking closely at a tomato vine in a vegetable patch
10 Easy Plants for Kids to Grow and Learn Gardening

Our list of the 10 best plants for kids to grow will encourage them to have fun in the garden and have a better understanding of the natural world.

a container of lettuce plants in a garden
21 Shade Loving Vegetables That Grow Well in UK Gardens

Growing crops can be tough without full sun in your garden. Here are 21 vegetables to grow in shade, with tips on how to keep them healthy.

a beautiful, symmetrical kitchen garden with box hedge borders
22 Foodscaping Ideas for a Stunning Edible Garden

Enjoy a garden that’s literally good enough to eat by growing a foodscape. These 22 foodscaping ideas will get you started.

how to grow strawberries, taking young plants from a box and putting them into the ground
How to Grow Strawberries in Your Garden

Learn how to grow strawberries at home, and enjoy the perfect treat for a summer’s day – with cream, in Pimm’s, or as a fresh treat on their own.

five cobs of golden corn, picked from a garden
How to Grow Sweetcorn in Your Garden 

Learning how to grow sweetcorn in your garden will reward you with stunning foliage and delicious golden cobs to enjoy at the dinner table.

a guide to show you how to grow chilli peppers in your garden
How to Grow Chilli Peppers in Your Garden

If you like a little bit of kick in your kitchen, learning how to grow chilli peppers is going to be a very satisfying experience.

companion planting involves understanding which vegetables can be grown together, like tomatoes and French marigolds
Companion Planting: Which Vegetables Can Be Grown Together?

Companion planting is all about knowing which vegetables can be grown together to get the best out of your kitchen garden.

close-up of a hand clutching a bunch of carrots
How to Grow Carrots in Your Garden 

Versatile, delicious and packed with nutrients, carrots are a winner at the dinner table. Learn how to grow carrots in your garden at home.

a ripe cucumber hanging from a flowering vine
How to Grow Cucumbers in Your Garden

Enjoy more fresh salads and crunchy garnishes with home-grown ingredients by learning how to grow cucumbers in your own garden.

Garden vegetables to grow in spring will need protection from cold weather and pests
Garden Vegetables to Plant in Spring

It’s time to bring life back into your vegetable patch, and prepare your plates for these delicious garden vegetables to plant in spring.

clusters of muddy potatoes, pulled straight from the ground
How to Grow Potatoes in Your Garden 

There are so many ways to enjoy potatoes that it makes them one of the most practical crops to start producing at home.

how to grow tomatoes in pots on a windowsill
How to Grow Tomatoes in Your Garden

Tomatoes are a rewarding crop, and you can get an excellent harvest from just a few plants. Learn how to grow tomatoes in your garden here!

a close up of green bean vegetables in a container garden, ripe and ready to harvest
How to Grow Green Beans in Your Garden 

Green beans, also known as string beans or French beans, are super easy to grow in the UK.

a small head of cabbage forming in soil
How to Grow Cabbage in Your Garden 

Cabbage is a nutritious plate-filler, and a fantastic crop to start growing at home.

a container of lettuce plants in a garden
How to Start Growing Your Own Vegetables

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as serving up a plate with food that’s come from your own garden.

garden ideas for wildlife can encourage foxes
The Best Garden Ideas for Wildlife in the UK

We have an incredible range of common species across the UK, and encouraging insects, birds and animals into your garden is an easy way to learn more about them.

a close up of the edge of a living roof, showing a layer of retaining gravel
Modern Sustainability: Green Roof Ideas and Tips

Urban gardening is all about finding innovative ways to create green spaces when there’s barely room for a garden. My favourite examples of this? Green roofing and living walls.

DIY garden pallet ideas using salvaged pallets on the wall as plant racks
Gravity-Defying Green Wall Ideas

How can you grow greenery when there’s barely any space for a plant pot? The answer is to look for a new angle – quite literally – and start employing vertical, green wall ideas.

six mason jars with herbs growing inside
10 Indoor Herb Garden Ideas with Tips and Easy Herbs to Grow

Try our easy indoor herb garden ideas to discover how simple, satisfying (and delicious) growing your own ingredients can be!

two wooden pallets stacked make a chair with a squashy cushion on top
26 DIY Pallet Garden Ideas of Things to Make With Pallets

There’s a growing trend for unique, handmade furniture – often the result of DIY projects. What’s the best material for these rough-and-ready builds? Well, more often than not, it’s the humble pallet.

garden bug hotel ideas - a small insect hotel with a little hotel sign on the side
19 DIY Bug Hotel Ideas for a Healthy Garden Eco-System

Encouraging friendly species like bees, ladybirds, and beetles not only helps to pollinate your flowers, but can actually help you control the numbers of pesky plant-eaters.

a small vase of freshly cut Boscobel roses, on a weathered tabletop
16 Vintage Garden Decor Ideas: Upcycle Glamour to a Garden

Vintage decor is becoming a popular way to give gardens a unique charm, and transforming your garden into a dreamy, rustic space is simpler than you might think.

wicker basket filled with brightly coloured produce, fresh from the kitchen garden
Garden to Table: Kitchen Garden Ideas for Your Home

When it comes to gardening, there’s not much that’s more satisfying than taking something you’ve grown and bringing it in to eat.

pitchfork leaning against two large open compost containers
Garden Compost Bin Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Composting at Home

A complete beginners guide to composting, with tips and garden compost bin ideas to help you figure out exactly how to start composting at home.