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garden furniture for small garden
Outdoor Furniture Ideas to Make Your Small Garden Feel Grand

Would you love to make your small garden more user friendly but you’re not sure what kind of furniture will suit your space?  In this article, I’ll give you some tips for choosing the best furniture for your garden as well as some space-saving furniture ideas.

Garden Furniture Ideas for a Small Patio
Best Patio Furniture for Small Gardens 2023: ideas for all budgets

If you have a small patio, you’ll want to maximise the space. Here are some ideas to add functional furniture without compromising on style.

about forty stone pots brimming with pink and indigo flowers
18 Container Gardening Ideas: Potted Planting Arrangements

Container gardens are fantastic for anyone that’s getting to grips with gardening, growing plants in a limited space or adding a pop of colour to paved areas.

someone using tongs to place decorative stones inside a bottle garden jar with a wide neck
11 Bottle Garden Ideas (Growing Plants in Glass Bottles Made Easy)

Do you wish you had more outdoor space? Learn how to grow a bottle garden and bring nature inside with these helpful tips and stunning ideas.

a garden with lots of pots, some of which have little fairy houses and decorations in
16 Fairy Garden Ideas for a Whimsical Outdoors Wonderland

Amazing fairy garden ideas for creating your own fairy garden indoors or outdoors.

a geometric terrarium with spiky succulents
Tiny Yet Terrific: Terrarium Garden Ideas

Looking for new ways to bring plants into your living space? A bit of greenery instantly makes a living room more welcoming, offices more vibrant and kitchens more cosy. If you’ve already taken a look at our indoor plants guide and decided you want something more unusual, building a terrarium might be right up your […]