best trailing plants for winter hanging baskets
9 Best Trailing Plants for Evergreen Winter Hanging Baskets

If you’re keen to add some evergreen interest to a dull winter garden, discover our pick of the best trailing plants for a winter hanging basket.

liatris summer flowering bulb
How to Plant Bulbs in the Garden: The Ultimate Planting Guide

From the diminutive spring snowdrop to the mid-summer glory of gladioli, discover how to plant and care for our best-known flowering bulbs.

right plan soil
How To Prepare and Plant Up a Flower Pot in 7 Easy Steps

Well-stocked flower pots can look amazing, but do you know how to get one ready for your plants? If you don’t prepare a flower pot correctly, you might end up with some sickly plants.

pulmonaria officinalis
Best Plants For Shady Areas Of The Garden

If your garden has a few shady spots, you might be wondering what plants will grow there. Luckily, there are several shade-loving species that you can add to your garden.

ceramic pot for cactus
Can You Plant A Cactus In A Flower Pot?

There is an assumption that cacti aren’t very picky when it comes to their planting conditions. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. If you’re wondering how to properly plant and care for a cactus in a flower pot, keep reading.

flower pot size
What Size Flower Pot Do I Need? How to Choose Plant Pots

Choosing a pot for your plants is more than just a matter of looks.  A pot should be the right size for the plant’s root system, a suitable shape, made from quality material and have adequate drainage.

how to prepare a flower pot for planting
How to Prepare a Flower Pot for Planting

Well-prepared flower pots with good drainage and lining will keep your plants happy. Preparing your pots well will also help to protect them from the elements so you can continue using them year after year.

how to plant a flower in a pot
How to Plant Flowers in a Pot so it Doesn’t Die on You

Planting a flower in a pot is fun and easy. You only need a planter, some potting mix, and the flower you want to grow. Give it some sunshine and water, and your potted flower will bloom.