best garden shredder uk 2023
Best Garden Shredders for Chipping Wood & Leaves UK 2023

Looking for an easy way to create mulch from your garden cuttings? We’ll guide you through the benefits of garden shredders, what to look for when investing in one, and review some of the leading options for the best garden shredder and the best garden chipper.

best mulching lawn mowers uk
Best Mulching Lawn Mower for a Healthier Lawn UK 2023

If you want to mulch the lawn as you cut, you need to decide on the best lawn mower for the job. Check out our useful guide to the best mulching mowers on the market.

mulch vs compost
Is Mulch The Same As Compost?

Mulching and composting is very important for gardening, but knowing the difference between them is what makes your garden the talk of the town.