how to drill drainage holes in a pot
Can I Use a Flower Pot Without Drainage Holes?

Have you set your eyes on a stylish ceramic or terracotta plant pot? Make sure to check that it has drainage holes as using a flower pot without them can put your plant at risk.

plastic pot drainage hole
How to Get Proper Flower Pot Drainage

Good drainage is extremely important if you want to keep potted plants healthy. Without drainage, plants can develop a whole range of problems.

planter box drainage
Do‌ ‌Planter‌ ‌Boxes‌ ‌Need‌ ‌Drainage?‌ ‌

If you want healthy and happy plants, giving your planter boxes drainage holes is a good idea. They prevent water from pooling in your planter boxes and reduce the risk of rot.

draining soil plant health
Why Is Well-Draining Soil Important For Plant Health?

How does draining affect our plants? Find out the importance of well-draining soil for plant health, how to recognise draining problems and how to fix them.