Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers of 2023 (Battery Powered Cutting)

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There has been a massive improvement in the quality of cordless hedge trimmers. Many compare favourably with petrol or corded hedge trimmers regarding performance, with the added advantage of no cords to get in the way or cut through and no engine to service.

There is a wide variety of cordless hedge trimmers available in the UK market, and choosing one can be difficult. We look at the best cordless hedge trimmers to guide you in selecting the hedge trimmer most suited to your requirements.

Our Top Picks

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Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Here are what we consider to be the eight best cordless hedge trimmers: 

  1. Makita DUH 523Z Cordless LXT Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer
  2. Karcher HE 18-50 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer with Battery Set
  3. Terratek 20V Electric Cordless Hedge Trimmer
  4. De Walt DCM563 PI – GB 18V XR Cordless Hedge Trimmer
  5. Flymo Simple Cut Li Cordless Battery Hedge Trimmer
  6. Worx WG 801 E 20V ZEN Cordless Shrub/Grass Shear
  7. Bosch Easy HedgeCut 18-45 Cordless
  8. Ryobi One+ 18V OPT 1845 Cordless Long Reach Pole Hedge Trimmer

Makita DUH 523Z Cordless LXT Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer

Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer on the UK Market
Makita DUH523Z 18V Li-Ion LXT 52cm Hedge Trimmer
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Key Features:

We currently rate the Makita DUH 523Z at the top of our list of cordless hedge trimmers. Makita is renowned for producing quality tools and this hedge trimmer is a leading brand. This product has a strong, sturdy casing built to last. 

This trimmer is sold as a tool only, so if you don’t have a compatible Makita 18V battery, purchasing a battery and charger will be necessary, making this an expensive choice initially. 

However, the battery can be used with a wide range of Makita products if you want to own and use other high-quality tools made by Makita

You can use the BL 1830, BL 1840, or B L1850 Makita batteries. They all have an excellent cutting time per charge, with the 5.0AH lasting up to two hours before recharging. The battery is recharged in 45 minutes.

A beneficial battery capacity warning lamp will notify you when the battery charge is low.

A soft rubberised grip provides a comfortable and sure grip, while an anti-vibration system with five cushions reduces the vibration from the blade and motor-crank section.

 The motor will only be activated for safety when the switch and top handle are engaged simultaneously. You, therefore, have to use both hands to switch the engine on. An electric brake assists in stopping the blades quickly.

The stain-free blade has a non-electrolysed nickel plating which won’t rust and helps keep blades sharp. The blade length of 52cm is suitable for most hedges, and with a cutting stroke of 1350 strokes per minute, the double-sided blade allows hedges to be trimmed quickly.



Kärcher HGE 18-50 Battery Set Cordless Hedgecutter

Best for heavy-duty trimming
Kärcher HGE 18-50 Battery Set Cordless Hedgecutter
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Key Features

If you are looking for a cordless hedge trimmer capable of tackling bigger and tougher hedges, then the Karcher HE 18-50 is the unit we recommend for all heavy-duty trimming tasks. 

The Karcher HGE18-50 includes a 2.5Ah battery and a rapid charger; the battery should last 60 minutes before recharging. Recharging the battery takes 45 minutes.

A diamond-grade blade has a length of 50cm and a maximum cutting width of 22mm and has an integrated saw function that enables you to tackle thicker hedge branches. In addition, a clipping sweeper ensures that clippings land on the ground and don’t stay in the hedge, making disposal of clippings easier.

This unit weighs 2.9 kg and has a rotating handle that rotates 180 degrees and allows you to keep on adjusting the position to the most comfortable position as you trim each side of the hedge.



Terratek 20V Electric Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Best Budget Cordless Hedge Trimmer
Terratek 20V Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer
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Key Features

This Terratek cordless hedge trimmer comes complete with a 1.5Ah battery and a charger at a price that, for some models, you would only get the hedge trimmer without the battery or charger. The battery and charger can also be used with other Terratek tools.

This hedge trimmer comes with a 51 cm blade with a cutting width of 15mm that runs at 1100rpm on a 20V battery that delivers enough power to cut through medium-sized hedges without you having to exert any extra effort to trim the hedge.

The Terratek 20V hedge trimmers are lightweight at just 2.5 kg and have a soft grip handle. Safety features include a hand guard to prevent your hands from getting near the blade. If you let go of the trigger by accidentally dropping it, the motor will stop immediately



DeWalt – DCM563PB-XJ-Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Best for Medium to Large Hedges
DEWALT DCM563PB-GB 18 V XR Hedge Trimmer
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Key Features

The deWALT DCM563 is a cordless hedge trimmer built to the same robust standards for which the DeWalt power tools are renowned. A 5.0 Ah battery and charger are not included and must be purchased separately.

A Xenoy TM housing ensures excellent durability and impact resistance. In addition, the DCM563 is equipped with 55cm dual-action laser-cut blades with a 19mm cutting gap constructed from hardened steel for longer life and sharpness.

This DCM563 has a wrap-around auxiliary handle for a comfortable grip in multiple positions. The unit weighs only 2kg without the battery, and the compact, lightweight design ensures far less user fatigue while trimming.

A 5.0Ah battery will provide up to 75 minutes of cutting per charge.



Flymo Simply Cut LI Battery Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Best Lightweight Hedge Trimmer
Flymo SimpliCut Li Cordless Battery Hedge Trimmer
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Key Features

If you want a light, easy-to-use, cost-effective cordless hedge trimmer, the Flymo Simply Cut, with a blade length of 40cm and a blade gap of 16mm, is perfect for small gardens and light to medium-dense hedges.

The built-in 14.4V battery will take three and a half hours to charge. The battery will last up to an hour of trimming and has an LED indicator to monitor the charging status. The Simply Cut has a centralised handle design for comfortable use with either hand.



Worx WG801 E 20V ZEN Cordless Shrub/Grass Shear

Best Cordless Shrub Shears
WORX WG801E 20V ZEN Cordless Shrub/Grass Shear Black
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Key Features

The Worx WG801E shrub and grass shear is a compact and lightweight lawn edging, and shrub shaping shear and comes with three easy-to-change blade sets of 10cm, 12cm, and 20cm that enable you to choose the correct blade for the task you want to carry out.

It uses the same 20V batteries as Worx’s other garden and power tools, and while the 2Ah battery takes three hours to charge, it will run for at least an hour.

With a lightweight and compact design, it is easier to carry and operate primarily when shaping or sculpting a smaller shrub or hedge. The Worx WG801 E weighs only 0.9 kilograms with the battery attached.

The dual-action laser-finished diamond ground blades ensure a clean, powerful, and fast trim.



Bosch EasyHedgeCut 18-45 Cordless Hedge Cutter

Best for a Light and Easy Trim
Bosch 0600849H70 EasyHedgeCut 18-45 Cordless Hedge Cutter
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Key Features

The Bosch EASYHedgCut 18-45 is the ideal cordless hedge cutter for maintaining and trimming small and medium-sized hedges. With a weight of only 2.3kg, this well-balanced and ergonomic design allows for optimal comfort and control, thus minimising strain on the upper body.

This Bosch hedge cutter has an 18V battery that will supply 50 minutes of cutting time per charge, and combined with the Bosch anti-blocking system, will ensure optimal performance and clean, neat cuts without the frustrating problems such as knife jamming

The diamond ground blades are 45cm long with a blade gap of 15mm and are perfect for small to medium hedges, although they would not be suitable for heavy trimming work.

This device is part of the Power For All Alliance. A single battery can power a variety of devices from different brands.



Ryobi One+ 18V OPT 1845 Cordless Long Reach Pole Hedge Trimmer

Best Long Reach Cordless Hedge Trimmer
Ryobi ONE+ 18V OPT1845 Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer
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Key Features

If you have tall hedges where you may have to use a ladder to trim the upper reaches of the hedge, then the Ryobi One+ OPT 1845 Cordless Long Reach Pole Hedge Trimmer will be a good option.

It comes with an extendable shaft providing a reach of 2.9m allowing you to cut the top of hedges efficiently and safely without needing a ladder. 

This Ryobi model is a bare tool, so the battery and charger must be purchased separately unless you already have a One+ battery from a compatible device. The One+ batteries now come with charge level indicators, and a Fast Charger will charge a battery in one hour.

The 45cm long diamond ground blade allows for precise cutting, and the 18mm tooth spacing makes it easier to cut thick branches.

 The trimmer’s articulating head rotates up to 135 degrees and can be used in four different positions allowing for effective cutting on both the sides and the top of hedges.

Sturdy shoulder straps are included to help support the unit’s 4.2kg weight to help reduce fatigue when using this tool.

A hedge sweep is supplied to help remove the clippings from the top of the hedges during trimming.



How to Buy the Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The first thing to consider before buying your cordless hedge trimmer is the size, height, and density of the hedges you intend to trim.

Standard or Long-reach Hedge Trimmers

If you have a hedge under 6ft, a standard-sized hedge trimmer should be fine, but if you have taller hedges over 6ft or even if they are more challenging to reach, then it may be advisable to look at a long-reach hedge trimmer.

A long-reach trimer will give you that extra reach without needing a ladder. Remember that the long-reach tends to be heavier but not as heavy as petrol models.

Blade Length

The blade length is measured from its tip to where it joins the casing of the trimmer. This length can vary from 35cm for topiary clippers up to 65cm. The most common measurements are 45cm and 60 cm.

The longer the blade, the easier it is to trim, and the time to cut a lengthy hedge will be reduced; plus, you will have more reach when dealing with taller shrubs and hedges. On the other hand, a longer blade will be heavier and more challenging to handle. 

Blade Gap

The blade gap will determine the thickness of a twig or branch the hedge trimmer can cut through. Usually, longer blades will have more prominent teeth and a wider Blade gap, but you will find variations in different models with the same blade length. 

The motor’s power is an essential factor to consider, as a more powerful engine will make it easier to cut through more challenging material.

The manufacturer will generally indicate the size of the branches the hedge trimmer will be able to cope with, although it is also necessary to consider the type of hedge you plan to trim.

 A cordless hedge trimmer is designed to trim and not saw through thicker branches. The blades will get jammed and damaged if used to cut thicker branches or stems.

Battery Life and Power

A cordless hedge trimmer will only be as good as the battery used to power it. Cordless hedge trimmers use 12V, 18V, or 20V rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries. 18V and 20V batteries provide the most power and are the most popular choice.

The length of time the battery can operate before it needs to be recharged is of primary importance. Ampere Hours (Ah) measure the battery’s capacity, which will determine for the user how long the battery will last before recharging.

Batteries are available from 1Ah to 6Ah. The higher the Ah, the longer your battery will operate before recharging is necessary. So, for example, a 5Ah battery will last much longer than a 1.5Ah battery. 

The higher the Ah, the more expensive the battery. Unless you have a small hedge that can be trimmed quickly, we recommend buying the battery with the highest Ah-rated battery you can afford.

Battery Charger

Some models come with a fast charger. If available, go for the fast charger, which will recharge a battery in 60 minutes, whereas some standard chargers can take up to three hours to recharge.


Although it is preferable to have a lightweight hedge cutter, it is imperative not to substitute weight for quality. The more robust models are manufactured from quality, durable parts and tend to be slightly heavier.


Which is better, a cordless or corded hedge trimmer?

There are positive and negative aspects to both types of hedge trimmers. Which style is best for you will depend on which one suits your requirements the best.







Who makes the best cordless hedge trimmer?

There are many manufacturers and designers of power tools with a reputation for producing robust, efficient, well-designed quality tools.

Brands such as DeWalt, Makita, Bosch, Karcher, Ryobi, and Flymo all produce and market cordless hedge trimmers of excellent quality with various options to suit the market’s requirements. What the best is, is a personal preference of the buyer.

How thick a branch will a cordless hedge trimmer cut?

The thickness of a branch that a cordless hedge trimmer can cut depends on the size and space between the teeth (blade gap). 

The manufacturer will generally indicate the blade gap. For example, a blade gap of 15mm should easily cut through branches up to 15mm in diameter, dependent on the power of the motor and the type of hedge you are trimming.

How much charge do you get with a cordless hedge trimmer?

Ampere hours (Ah) is the measurement used to indicate to the buyer how long a battery will last before recharging. Batteries can range from 1.5Ah to 6Ah. 

The higher the Ah, the longer the battery will remain charged. For example, an 18V or 20V 5Ah battery should last for 60 minutes before recharging is required.

What Kind of Voltage Do I Need for a Good Hedge Trimmer? Most cordless hedge trimmers are available in either 12V, 18V, or 20V. Having a more powerful motor assists the hedge cutter in trimming the thickness of branches the hedge cutter is designed to cut. 18V, or 20V are recommended.


While the Makita DUH 523Z Cordless LXT is our favourite, we have only reviewed the very best cordless hedge trimmers. They will all do the job, Ensure to buy the right shears for your hedge size as well as the branch size. 

If you have any comments or questions. Please drop us a message and we will gladly respond.

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