Tropical garden with flowering plants and green lawn with large trellises
Where to Put a Trellis? 15 Ideas to Use a Trellis in Your Garden

Thinking about installing a trellis in your garden? There are many potential locations for it. Mounted on a wall, in or at the back of a planter, behind a sitting area as a privacy fence, in your vegetable garden as a support for plants—you can always find room for a trellis in your garden. That […]

Types of beans that need a trellis when to trellis them
13 Types of Beans That Need a Trellis and When to Trellis Them

Growing beans in your garden? Let’s look at the most commonly grown bean varieties that need the support of a trellis and the best time to trellis them.

Liliac sweet peas on a wooden trellis
Why Build a Trellis – 7 Easy & Affordable DIY Trellis Ideas

Why build a trellis you ask? If you’ve been shopping for one, you saw how overpriced they are. So here’s how to build a trellis for half the money.

a house hidden behind thick garden hedges for privacy
7 Best Fast-Growing Hedges for Privacy in Your UK Garden

Fed up of hearing and seeing the neighbours? Take a look at these fast-growing hedges for privacy in your garden.

a simple rectangular garden with a deck and lawn with narrow floral borders and a sturdy looking fence
Best Traffic Noise Reduction Fences to Soundproof a Garden

Restore the tranquility of your outdoor space with fences that reduce traffic noise in your garden.

a black, iron fence with a silver Fleur-de-lis at the top of each bar
14 Garden Fence Ideas for Pretty and Practical Fencing

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to garden fencing is believing that it’s only there to separate your garden from other gardens.

a black line drawing of flowers and leaves on a white garden wall
29 Unique Garden Mural Ideas for Outdoor Walls & Fences

If you love the idea of painting a mural in your garden but aren’t quite sure where to start, take a look at these amazing designs to inspire you.

DIY garden pallet ideas using salvaged pallets on the wall as plant racks
Gravity-Defying Green Wall Ideas

How can you grow greenery when there’s barely any space for a plant pot? The answer is to look for a new angle – quite literally – and start employing vertical, green wall ideas.