How To Organise A Euros 2024 Garden party

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It’s nearly time for one of the most important sporting events on the calendar, The Euros 2024. What better way is there to watch, cheer and celebrate than hosting your own garden party.

Here we have a variety of ideas for your very own Euros 2024 garden party, tailored to make the most of your garden and enhance your football viewing experience.

Essential Garden Setup


euros 2024 garden set up with lawn games ping pong a tv and patio furniture

Submitted by a facebook user

Football Themed Decor:

flags hung to a fence in someones garden for the euros 2024 championship

photo submitted by a facebook user


england baloons for the european world championships 2024

Photo submiotted via Facebook User

Outdoor TV or Projector

a cinema area with TV and hottub

photo credit @homewithjalurajayne

an image of a projecter under a wooden gazebo showing a fim in a comfy seating area

photo credit @rufford_number132

Creating the perfect atmosphere

Setting the Area:

A nice lawn with england flags set up for the euros 2024

Photo submitted by facebook user

A nice outdoor garden seating area with gray sofa cushions , candlkes, lights and drinks

Add lights everywhere! Image credit: @home_with_victoria

Social Seating Arrangements:

How To Make Garden furniture With Sleepers

How To make A Gazebo With Pallets

How To Make Rustic Garden Furniture

Garden patio furniture with cushions on

Image courtesy of @life_at_no53

relaxing sun loungers in a neatly mowed lawn with an england flag in the background

photo submitted by facebook user

Entertainment Zones

Outdoor bar areas: 

You can’t watch football without a beer (even if it’s non-alcoholic), with that in mind – here are some great bar options. Whether you want to build your own garden bar, have a help yourself station or turn your shed into a barn – here are some great options!

a garden bar built into a shed fully kitted with drinks, snacks seats lights and darts board

Image submitted by a facebook user

DIY Shed Bar: 

Building your own bar is a great option for the handy types. You can turn crates, reclaimed wood, or old shed into the perfect pub. The photo below is a great example of a mini bar – and there’s even room for a TV to watch the Euros on.

a small garden shed barn with drinks and a TV perfect for weatcxhing euro2024

photo submitted by Fcabook user

Outbuilding Bars: 

This back garden building has been turned into an epic man cave full of beers, spirits and softs. A great option for your garden and there’s even room inside to huddle in and watch the sports, even if the weather is bad.


a garden outbuilding pub with fancy steps and patio area

Photo submitted by facebook user

Basic Bars: For those trying to keep their costs down, the wheelbarrow beer chiller. Get a ton of ice, a wheelbarrow and keep all your drinks ice cold for the game. It’s also a good idea to create drink dispensers for softs like water and juice making them easily accessible to party go-ers.  

A wheelbarrow filled with ice and beers

@thearrowbarrows on x

Food Area: BBQ and Outdoor Kitchen:

BBQ Grill: If you don’t have an outdoor kitchen then fire up the BBQ with football watching favourites like burgers and hotdogs.  

A photo of a charcoal bbq cooking burgers and sausages

Outdoor Kitchen: If your garden has an outdoor kitchen, firstly, lucky you and secondly, make sure you kit it out in the finest decorations and make it an easily accessible station for food and beverages.

a garden bar with outdoor kitchen fully fitted inside covered in england and manchester united flags ready for the Euros 2024 championship football

SDM Home and Garden Services on Facebook

Games Area for Half-Time Activities:

Before, during or after the game you might want a break from the screens and to have a kick about yourself. 

garden games outside the garden kicthen on the patio

SDM Home and Garden Services on Facebook

Football Games: Set up a mini football goal or have football-related games like penalty shootouts or a football toss. Perfect for a half time break.

A game of football in a garden

Lawn Games: Not every guest who’ll come will be interested in football, Include other lawn games such as croquet, jenga, can throw, etc this will be great to keep kids occupied too..

lawn games

. Image credit: @ellavationcircus

Kids’ Area to Keep Them Entertained:

Play Area: If you want undisturbed viewing and entertained children designate a section of the garden as a kids’ area with toys and games.

Craft Station: Set up a craft station where children can create their own football-themed decorations or colour in activity sheets, but make it easy, you don’t want to miss a goal whilst helping children cut out shapes.

childrens craft station

Additional Considerations

Music Area for Post-Match Celebrations:

guests partying at a garden party

Hot tub: After watching the game, and some of the guests start to leave, there’s no better way to relax and (hopefully) celebrate, than to relax in the tub!

a hot tub in a garden


Weather-Proofing Your Party:

Nobody wants to get caught in the rain, especially not the TV electricals…

england bunting insdie a gazebo set up for the euros 2024 championship football

image submitted by a facebook user

a nicely lit garden with furniture and woodburner

Enjoy your Euros 2024 party

How To Organise A Euros 2024 Garden party 1

Hosting a garden party for the Euros 2024 in your own home can be a memorable and enjoyable experience. With careful planning and the right setup, you can create a festive atmosphere that ensures all your guests have a fantastic time. From themed decor and comfortable seating to delicious food and fun games, these ideas will help you throw a successful garden party. Don’t forget to stock up on all necessary gardening equipment and party supplies to make your event a hit!



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