Garden Landscaping Ideas

Fresh & Creative Vegetable Garden Ideas

Vegetable garden ideas for every space, from full-sized beds to balconies and patios – get growing today!

square foot gardening methods mean you can grow more crops in a small space
Square Foot Gardening: Tips and Tricks

Maximise your yield and minimise your effort with square foot gardening – a practical, easy way to grow crops in any garden.

a raised planter made from reclaimed railway sleepers filled with edible plants
Raised Bed Gardening Ideas

Raised bed gardening can make a cluttered garden look tidy, or create depth in an empty space. Read our tips for raising your garden beds!

a wisteria-covered pergola overlooking a pond at Kingston Maurward Garden
How to Create a Garden Focal Point

Whether it’s an arrangement of plants or an architectural structure, having a garden focal point is what gives your landscaping purpose.

a rectangular planter with spring onions growing inside
The 10 best vegetables for container gardening

Check out our list of the 10 easiest, most rewarding and all-round best vegetables for container gardening.

a collection of pots filled with the best plants for container gardening
The 10 Best Plants for Container Gardens

Starting a container garden? Here are my top 10 best plants for container gardens, pots and planters.

about forty stone pots brimming with pink and indigo flowers
18 Beautiful Container Gardening Ideas

Container gardens are fantastic for anyone that’s getting to grips with gardening, growing plants in a limited space or adding a pop of colour to paved areas.

a large cluster of shasta daisies
Tips to Stop Weeds Growing in Flower Beds

Who doesn’t want to spend less time weeding? These tips to stop weeds growing in flower beds will make your garden much easier to maintain.

a blue tit enjoying peanuts in a bird friendly garden
Bird Friendly Garden Ideas

Welcome wildlife to your garden with these bird friendly garden ideas, including bird feeders, bird boxes and bird baths.

densely packed leaves of caladium, displaying amazing green and pink colours
Tips for Growing a Shade Garden

Our tips for growing a shade garden includes a stunning variety of plants that will grow in partial shade, in a garden without full sun.