Garden Landscaping Ideas

a very narrow garden with a gravel path and planters and trellises on either side
Style Tips & Ideas for Long Gardens

Long, narrow gardens are a staple in British towns and suburbs. The thing is, the dimensions of a long garden can be quite tricky. Read our best tips and ideas for long gardens.

round concrete stepping stones overlapping through circular shrubs and flower beds
18 Ideas for Landscaping with Concrete

Concrete is an incredibly versatile construction material that can bring all kinds of surprising style to your garden design.

a concrete patio with an outdoor rug and patio furniture
35 Rental Garden Ideas: Making a Temporary Space Feel Like Home

Even in a rented home, your garden can act as an extra room, giving you somewhere to relax with your family, play with your kids or pets, and get a bit of fresh air in private.

Two artificial bay trees stand either side of the front door to a new-build home, painted a smart black.
Garden Tips for Selling Your Home

An unkempt garden can undermine your asking price, but experts estimate an attractive garden could boost the value of your property by up to 5%.

a thick patch of sweet alyssum, which has lots of tiny delicate flowers in pink and purple
18 of the Best Ground Cover Plants for UK Gardens

Ready to add some extra greenery to your garden? Here are the best ground cover plants for UK gardens.

a raised stone patio with furniture, in a gravel garden with several huge lavender shrubs
15 Gorgeous Grass-Free Garden Ideas

When you’ve got a busy life, a manicured lawn isn’t necessarily worth the effort. Take a look at these practical, imaginative and low-maintenance grass-free garden ideas.

a small round fire pit in a stone topped coffee table
29 Garden Fire Pit Ideas to Turn Up the Heat!

At Garden Patch, we’re keen to be outside as much as possible, as I’m sure you are too! Getting your garden heating right is essential for relaxing in your garden over winter.

a close up of the edge of a living roof, showing a layer of retaining gravel
Modern Sustainability: Green Roof Ideas and Tips

Urban gardening is all about finding innovative ways to create green spaces when there’s barely room for a garden. My favourite examples of this? Green roofing and living walls.

the wall of a house with a wooden bench painted pink and a side gate painted in the same colour
Maximising Your Outdoors: Side Return Garden Ideas

When outdoor space is minimal, you should be using every inch that you can! These side return garden ideas can transform even the narrowest walk-through area.

DIY garden pallet ideas using salvaged pallets on the wall as plant racks
Gravity-Defying Green Wall Ideas

How can you grow greenery when there’s barely any space for a plant pot? The answer is to look for a new angle – quite literally – and start employing vertical, green wall ideas.