Garden Accessory Ideas

Keep Fit at Home: Garden Gym Ideas 1
Keep Fit at Home: Garden Gym Ideas

Do you wish it was a little easier to get your fitness fix? These garden gym ideas will make exercising at home better than ever.

a small garden with deck area and artificial grass
How to Build a Perfect, Low Maintenance Garden Deck

Wondering how to build a low maintenance garden deck? It’s easier that you might think!

an outdoor sand pit and chalk board for children
Kids Garden Play Area Ideas: Outdoor Fun for Every Type of Child

In the busy world we live in, gardens have never been a more valuable space for giving your little ones somewhere to safely play outside.

a metal-framed gazebo with luxurious canvas curtains
Garden Gazebo Ideas: Making The Most Of Your Outdoor Space

Building a gazebo is one of the easiest ways to improve your garden, creating an attractive focal point and somewhere comfortable to hang out.

garden heating ideas with a traditional chiminea on a patio
Stylish Garden Heating Ideas to Stay Toasty Outside

There is officially a chill in the air, so it feels like the right time to start talking specifically about garden heating ideas and all the ways to stay cosy outdoors.

a long metal bolt securing a wooden gate into a brick wall
14 Garden Security Tips to Keep Your Home Safer

If a thief can’t see your security measures, they might think you don’t have any.

tidy shelves in a wooden shed
Garden Tool Storage Ideas: Keeping Your Shed Ship-Shape

Let’s be real – the average UK home doesn’t come with an abundance of space you can dedicate to tool storage.

two rows of multicoloured hanging baskets on a fence
Hanging Basket Tips for a Perfect Basket of Blooms

Hanging baskets are a beautiful way to add colour and interest to your garden, especially if you’re short on space.

garden bug hotel ideas - a small insect hotel with a little hotel sign on the side
19 DIY Bug Hotel Ideas for a Healthy Garden Eco-System

Encouraging friendly species like bees, ladybirds, and beetles not only helps to pollinate your flowers, but can actually help you control the numbers of pesky plant-eaters.

a spherical garden fountain with water gently flowing over it
14 Stunning Garden Water Feature Ideas: Finding a Fountain for Your Home

Even the smallest water feature can have a big impact on your garden, balcony or patio, tying your design together and making it an all-round more peaceful place to be.